Brazilian Waxing

I was browsing at the topic of Brazilian Waxing(BW) at Flowerpod yesterday. The regularly mentioned names, other than the popular commercial Stripz and Honeypot, were 3 names who are home-based, namely Lynn(CCK-HDB), Kerry from GoldDust(Eunos-private property) and Randy.

Other than developing interest with Lynn who was situated near me at CCK, I was very very surprised that Randy, a male therapist was also enjoying the same favoritism by the girls, if not more. There were raves about how good, how patient he is, and get this, he does it free for 1st trial. Yeah yeah, I can see many eyes gleaming. And the more bizarre thing is that, for subsequent services, he doesnt have a specific charge too, just give any token sum will do.


Why like that one?!?!

That’s perhaps 1 of the reasons he’s so popular in the thread because some girls can go for FULL BODY WAXING and give a $30. Ah duhz~ Okie I know everyone loves freebies but for me, I draw the line at letting a male stranger sees my body this way, especially not important parts and definitely not parts which are hairy. Muahahahaha.

Those girls are so daring. Remember it’s home-based? Dont they worry at all about their safety
and “you know, thattt sortha things?” It’s like, you’re conveniently placing yourself at a super vulnerable position by being naked down there, lying on a bed in his home and ta-dah, spreading your legs a-p-a-r-t. *look skywards and tries to imagine*


No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

I think even if the most unfortunate happens, for e.g, a rape, the victim might not win the lawsuit
because it will be a hard time for the lawyer to justify it’s not a willing party case, even when the victim is always in favor. Tough fight I guess.

There were debates about letting a male therapist do BW for females. Some said it’s certainly bizarre that Randy is not charging anything for his services, and will it be possible that he has some fetish or whatever while some jumped in to defend that he’s professional in his work and is just like any other doctors and gynecologists.

I’m not judging Randy or anything BUT I merely feel we’re definitely talking about 2 different matters here and it’s not a fair comparison.

For starters, out of 100%, 90% of doctors/gynaes are males. So it’s certainly a norm to have a male doc/gynae servicing for you because when it’s your health or baby at sake, you wont and CANT be that particular anymore. Especially when it’s medically necessary.

But for BW, it’s merely a part of grooming, at most you can argue, for hygiene purposes. It’s not medically necessary, not urgent(you wont die okie..) and out of 100% of BW therapists, only 1% are males(I’ve only heard about Randy all this while). So it buzzes me if a girl specially go to a male therapist when so many female therapists are readily available and just as good. Yeah, the fee. But like I said, for that free service or meager fee, if you have to subject yourself to such high risk, it simply dont not equate to me.

Again, that’s only my point of view.
If you really have a tight budget, yearns a clean pussy that much and dont mind the risk, Randy’s email is

Lynn’s hp is 94318234. 1st trial is $42

As for Kerry from Golddust(also advertised on Facebook), I last heard her services became not so good from a particular podder, perhaps after excessive business via much advertisement. She charges pretty high for a home-based salon too. It’s your choice. $46, but only for 21years and above.

Brazilian Waxing are just like hair-cutting. Different therapists and stylists do it in their own style.
So once you find the right one, just stick to it like glue.

(Disclaimer: I haven tried ANY of the therapists above, yet. Above are only my personal opinions with credits from Flowerpod. No responsibility will be taken for any assumptions made from this entry.)

Dear Alicia, our heartiest congratulations for your wedding today! Wish you and hubby have a wonderful wedding and an even more blissful marriage thereafter!

Adran & Fion


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