Wonderful friends. =)

Lately I’m really feeling very lethargic and sian. Thanks to dearie who will try to take time off to accompany me and my dear friends who dont mind to meet me during last minute.

If you guys know me, you will know I’m not one who like to plan for things, like dinners or outings because I like spontaneity. Unless it’s a big gathering or on occasions like birthdays.

Met up with Hui few days ago for dinner and poor gal told me after dinner, she still have to go back to work. Some work issues. But nevertheless, I had great time dining with her at our fave cafe, Tea Cosy at PS. We specially heart the foie gras there. They’re lovely. Nice service too.

She regaled me with lots of funny and wonderful tales about her and Alex, her hubby. I can understand her anxiety and turmoil SO WELL because our husbands have alot in common. =.= Damn funny la! It’s amazing that Hui and I always can relate so much to each other. It’s like we dont have to explain much but know exactly how one feels. That feeling is so warm. =)

Dearie came to join us later after his appointments and we caught a movie after Hui went back to work. Hope her husband will be back soon from work, or is he already back? I know she must have misses him terribly when he’s overseas for 1 month. Will be visiting her/them on Saturday together with Tra, my videographer to collect my videos as well as to pass Hui her birthday present. It’s bulky!

Well I already ran out of ideas to buy gifts because we have been buying each other pressies for umpteen times because we know each other for *counting by fingers* 19 years! Really buy till dont know buy what lah. Hui always buy me skincare and cosmetics but even then, the skincare are piling because I’m always lazy to use them dutifully. So we’ve decided for the following birthdays, maybe we shall treat each other something good!

The day before I also met up with SL after my work appointment got cancelled. We shopped around at Raffles City and Citylink after dinner at Streets Cafe. The noodles are something like maggie mee, not bad la. The chicken chop atop the noodles and the fried squid is great. Once again, I inquired on her current dating status out of kpo-ness. But she’s taking it slow I guess. It’s good to take it slow, I’m also like that. Lol. BUT dont too slow until chemistry died down hor. I very much would like to see her happily attached with someone who cares for her, although I know she’s also happily single and enjoying her freedom. =)

Till the next meet. =)


2 Responses to Wonderful friends. =)

  1. efatrie says:

    don’t be sian! can date me ;p

    the don’t take it too slow until chemistry died down – u mean me or him? hahahaha

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