Ris Low again


Kat got this in her mail and it’s so scary! I dont know what the sender is trying to convey but it certainly doesnt look friendly! If it’s a romantic interest trying to be mysterious, he’s certainly doing it the wrong way.

Kind to think of it, I used to receive surprise packages via mail. Now I count myself unlucky that they’re always lovely gifts instead of something so threatening. God bless. I should really thank god for all I have…or had. =)

I heard Ris Low has been dethroned. Probably because of her previous credit card fraud police record and her bi-polar disorder. The former is certainly more shameful than the way she speaks which I dont feel is a big deal on international platform. I think we can forgive her for the way she speaks, ultimately, that’s not what she choose to be. But, the credit fraud was purely out of greed and it’s despicable. Nothing irritates me more than seeing such greedy people who tries so hard to fleece off others. I wonder how the hell she got past all those preliminaries when she didnt even come clean with her records. Shouldnt they do a checkup on the last 10 finalists? This is so embarrassing.

Some netizens also done up a video of Black-eyed peas “boom boom pow” song by slotting in Ris Low’s signature “BOOMS” in Youtube. Freaking funny.

I’ve seen the video of the 1st Runner-up, Claire Lee and although she can speak better than Ris(who cant anyway..), oh my god, she cant shut up! She just kept on talking and talking and talking, damn long-winded. Haven she heard of the phrase “short and sweet”? We have Ris, who cant finish a proper sentence and Claire who just cant stop talking! Damn funny, wonder how’s the 2nd runner-up like.

Anyway, I have to thank Ris for bringing so much laughter to our lives. Because ever since her video surfaced, these few words gave new and special meaning;

1) Booms
2) hospitality (horse-bi-teller-ti)
3) personality (per-ser-neh-litty)
4) prints (prince)
5) zebra (zib-bra)

And we cant forget the way she pronounces her “AND”, “it’s or-rite(alright)” and the high-pitched “you know, thattt sortha things”. Everytime dearie and me were conversing, those phrases just came as a slang(exactly like how she did) naturally. Just for laughs lah. Oh my god, I hope we dont really get used to it and speak like this to our clients. Haha.

Laughing stuff aside, now that she’s dethroned, she’s really pitiful and I feel a little sorry for her. Laughing at how she speaks and feeling sorry for her are totally 2 different things okie. If you’re thinking me hypocrite, think again, why should I fake something I dont feel for someone I dont even know? It’s not even necessary. Anyway she’s young and Singaporeans are forgetful, I think this will pass quickly. =)

Happy Children’s Day!! Somehow..I realised I’m starting to have fondness for children..which is weird… Few days ago, there was a small boy in the ladies. His mummy was in the loo and he got trouble washing his hands as the sensor tap cant detect. I found him so cute when he kept wringing his hands infront of the tap, thus helped him out. I normally dont do this…so I think perhaps my maternal instinct are surfacing. Haha.


2 Responses to Ris Low again

  1. A J says:

    Hey a thief is a thief.

    “Genetic factors contribute substantially to the likelihood of developing bipolar disorder, and environmental factors are also implicated. Bipolar disorder is often treated with mood stabilizer medications, and sometimes other psychiatric drugs.”

    She shoukld check her parental linage.

    Stop the “Poor dear” routine and face the fact that she is a thief. Most faced with her crime end up behind bars. Would do her some good.

    • Chilli Padi says:

      You’re not a local I supposed. I’m surprised you seem genuinely interested in our dethroned queen. It’s true that she was a thief but hopefully she can learn her mistakes and not repeat them. Everyone make mistakes. More importantly is to learn from mistakes and not repeat them. =)

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