Dying of boredom

Oh man. Singapore is soOoo boring. Dearie and me literally spent nothing except eat and eat and eat, and some mindless shopping at Watson today(you can always manage to find something from Watson).

Let’s see what we ate.

Prawn Chee Cheong Fan (Yummy!)
Crispy durian pancake
Egg crepe carrot cake
HK noodle soup
(all at fareast, back and fro)

Yucky Passion tea at Paragon Starbucks
Pomelo sago with beancurd at Taka

That’s not all.

Yummy prawn chee cheong fan again
Macdonald french fries

Now you know how I gained weight. Argghhh!

I was real stressed and bored, so he took time off to accompany me. Appreciated it dearie. Smuacks

I was looking for a way to best release all my pent-up lethargy via retail therapy but simply cant find anything interesting to buy. Not even when I have tons of Robinson and Metro vouchers on hand. It’s pathetic. Sigh. What’s worse, we had watched almost all the shows which looked, at least, interesting, so there’s nothing left to watch. Here are the reviews:

Movie title: Accident
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Many scenes are repeated. Plot was interesting enough but it died abruptly. Stillbirth, I called it. Wasnt much development which was a pity.

Movie title: Phobia 2
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: It’s difficult to rate because there are 5 stories. Only the last 2 seemed better. Dearie and me super heart the last story because it’s so funny! I laughed till my stomach hurts! I never knew horror shows can be as funny while they were thrilling. Thumbs up. But for the other stories…..duhzzzz…

Movie title: Whiteout
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Weak plot and not exciting enough.

Yesterday we spent loittering in Jurong Point and then going to Kbox ktv at Jurong SAFRA. If you haven know, the Kbox at safra has much newer technology than their normal Kbox because it allows recording of how you sing and able to bluetooth to your handphone. I would love to know how terrible I sound but too bad my handphone no batt. And dearie’s phone somehow only managed to get his song but connection died when he tried for mine. Oh well.

Please kindly go register for Watson card. The $5 card fee can waived $8 off per pax, redeemable up to 2 pax. Which means $16. Only available for use on Sun – Thurs. Sunday is a good day. Call me! =D


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