Reviews of 《衝上雲霄》

Finished 雙食記 not long. It’s a movie starred by Franics Ng. Small budget film directed by a China director but it’s definately worth watching with it’s unique plot, exquisite presentation and superb acting by the the stars. I shant spoil the surprise by talking about the story, so go watch it! You can watch it on PIPI player.

I’m still 10 episodes away from finishing 《衝上雲霄》 but the exhilarating feeling has gradually died down ever since the 3rd or 4th episode(I think) where Flora Chan chose to accept Joe Ma’s proposal even though she was secretly lemming for Franics Ng. Their encounter seemed so enchanting and romantic that it’s close to most Korean dramas are all about. Got me thinking back about all my “more-than-normal” encounters.

I certainly recalled a few. Nice settings. Nice faces. Nice smiles. But those encounters were only THAT romantic and enchanting at THAT very moment. After which, it’s nightmare, in each and every “unique” different way. Common, stop fantasizing about all these fairytales and “hero saved the beauty encounters”. It’s like only 10% or less will really turn out “happily ever after”. Isnt Princess Diana and Prince Charles the best living(or dead) example? Sometimes, some things really arent as beautiful as it looks/seems on the outside. Grass always look greener on the other patch. Fantasize once in a bluemoon is good to keep your young heart burning, but really dont go crashing into the flame like the silly moth. It’s simply not worth it.

Coming back to topic, I vastly preferred my idol Ada Choi to star as Flora in the show. I think she can definitely act better than Flora who sounds like she’s constipated in the entire show during crying scenes. Francis’s, Myolie’s and Ron’s performances were good in the show. The others were really bland and I’m surprised. Usually they do much better.

Myolie’s role is darn irritating. Like a child who has never grown up. Chirp, helpful, bubbly, yeah great. But from the start, she has formed a bad impression to me because she didnt return the doll to Francis. Should I say selfish or greedy? Despite she tried to remedy later, it’s already too late.

Flora. She shouldnt accept the proposal when she’s still in love with Francis. That is SO wrong. Even if the misunderstanding cleared few hours after the nuptials, I feel she should dissolve the marriage because clearly, if she’s such a die-hard fan of this thing call fate or whatever, she should stick with it and go with Francis rather than spending half her life thinking about “what if”. Now, isnt it stupid to try so hard, trying to force something into existence for years and months only to go back to square one? The difference is the hurt she caused will be times 10. In chinese we call it, 长痛不如短痛 and 害人害己.

Franics dont even treat Myolie like a proper girlfriend. As block-headed and boring he might be, a normal boyfriend just dont behave like that. He makes everything look like a duty to a little sister. If she’s slightly more sensitive, she should have sensed something is missing. And Myolie, I really applaud her that she can take all the crap from Francis. Again, it might be because she’s simply a doormat, too accommodating and a pushover. Her favourite line is, “我没事,我真的没事.” ZzZz. She’s tried too hard to please. There’s a difference between being understanding and being afraid to see the truth. Actually, the way they got together was already very exaggerating and ridiculous to me. I was like, what the?

If the food is not to your liking, dont stuff yourself with it just becuase it’s free. And even if the food is to your liking, if it’s going to cause you food-poisoning, then for god’s sake, dont eat it!

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