What I did in that 2hours waiting for hubby

Today is my 2nd day surviving eyelash extension. Damn. I’ve heard dozens of bad reviews and only 1 good review, by Kel. Despite so, I chose to go ahead with it, simply because I have nothing better to do while waiting for dearie after my IPL at StarHaven. It was on promotion $78 before 5pm on weekdays. Anyhow, it turned out pretty okay. Erm..it was slightly itchy on the right eyelid yesterday and today, after makeup removal, the left one itched instead.

Arrghhhh I dont understand whyyyyy.

I thought I got it reasonably clean by swiping with cotton buds dipped in eye makeup remover. As for face, I specially bought Lancome cleansing milk to wipe off makeup, followed by normal cleansing. The face was so far so good but my left eyelid itchhhhhhes like hell. Dont know how I can tahan 3 months. *wails* I just thought I’ll experience it since I’ve never try before.

After the eyelash extension, I continued to wander like a aimless ghost in this 7th month at Tanjiong Pagar Mrt Exchange and gradually wandered into a massage shop. I paid 20bucks for 30minutes of foot massage or reflexology, whatever you called it. Pretty expensive hor but it seemed to be pretty crowded with customers coming out and going in. And I thought I’ll give it a try, just to buy time. Well, I had to admit it’s ENTIRELY because dearie told me he would be late for another 40minutes and not because a cute masseuse who was a Eric Winter in darker version waved me in.

Nahz, I’m just kidding dearie.

But anyway, an auntie massaged my foot, sigh, much to my disappointment.

Lol. I’m really kidding dear.

Erm anyway, the massage was not bad. She loosened quite many of the so-called knots in my legs although not the entire process was relaxing. She emphasized it wasnt entirely a massage, but more of a healing process because it’s painful given that she has to do that to loosen the pressure points. I find it weird that it’s painful when she pressed some points on my legs lightly but the pain gradually went away after she massaged the same spot a few times. Hmmm….and from those points, she deduced that I often have neck, shoulder and backwaist pains. It might be her lucky guess, either that, she’s good.

But wow…she did striked me off balance with a few particularly sharp pinches. The intense pain made me yelped in pain and sucked in my breath while grabbing the nearby wall for my life. Thank god I didnt fell down the weird-looking-8-limbs-massage-chair infront of Mr-Eric-Winter-In-Dark-Version. But he did chuckled a few times. Arghhhhh.

I found something funny though. That was, while he was massaging the fat angmor obasan beside me, he was quite kpo and joined in to press my foot while giving some very chim knowledge about this-point-pain-means-you-somewhere-wrong. My mouth curved into an “O” in patronizing acknowledgment before it turned into a repulsive muted yike much later. Becauseeeee with the same hand which he pressed my foot, he used it to press the angmor’s head, body and everywhere. Lol. She obviously dont know because she was facing down in the massage chair. Wah lau. Kinda gross. ALTHOUGH my feet were actually QUITE clean lah. The auntie cleaned it with hot towel before pressing…but still…you know… =P

The session ended with a persuasive but not aggressive sale of package deals by the auntie. Good try but I shall consider. A package wont cost much, merely a hundred bucks but I shall bring dearie to try 1st. If he likes it and it solves his neck and waist pains, we might buy a package to share.

So next time dear, dont keep me waiting for too long because you’ll never know what happens.

And I’m still kidding. =)

“You’ll never know though” (as quoted in “The Ugly Truth”)

*smiles sweetly*


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