My thoughts

“The Ugly Truth” rocks! I laughed until my voice turned hoarse! I expected it to be funny, it exceeded both dearie and my expectations. Thumbs up! Katherine Heigi is my new idol! Alongside Anne Hathaway, Cameron Dias, Catherine Zeta Jones and Renée Zellweger. By the way, Katherine acts really well in comedies. =D

Eric Winter is so hot. I kept find him bothered me at the back of my mind throughout the film.

Finally…I recalled he bore a resemblance to 陈坤.

But no matter how hot he is, he still looks like a beautiful piece of art to me, that’s about all. He didnt struck a deeper chord in me unlike my other previously mentioned idols do, like Franics Ng who got the sexist lips alive and puts his soul into all the roles he acts, Jacky with the loveliest voice in the world and Jet Li with his suave and masculine martial arts, etc. =)

I guess the roles played a part too. Eric’s role is so bland in the movie and I’ve only caught this 1 movie of his.

Not trying to stereotype all males and females but I feel females generally have higher resistance towards nice faces and body. Unlike guys. =P At my wedding, WY looked absolutely stunning and 1 of my friends got aga-aga over her. Lol. Like what another female friend commented, he positively “raped” her with his eyes. When I told WY, she said “now I feel violated”. Lol.

Even dearie is not an exception. I’ve witnessed how he looked like a klutz with my own eyes before and thank god we werent together then. Otherwise it would be so damn humiliating for me! Guys being guys, I understand they’re being made differently but I do mind having my husband drooling over another female right infront of me. So I always tell him if he wants to drool, go ahead but not when he’s with me. AND(slangs like Ris Low), keep inappropriate acts away from my eyes and be wary of being caught. Because once caught, I will NEVER forgive him. *smiles sweetly*

Perhaps I’m a prideful person or perhaps I simply respect my partner, I expect the same amount of respect. Weirdly, since young, I’m not one who goes aga-aga over mere pretty male faces and no substance. And I simply looked down on those who do. Instead, humorous guys always strike a chord in me. =) Despite I’m no smashing, hot lady, at least I pride myself to carry myself with dignity and poise in front of any male, even if I’m secretly in love with them. Therefore most of the time, they wont even know that I’m even slightly interested in them because I act nonchalant. Hahaha~

Of course drooling over male idols on the blog are different la because they’re like people whom I will almost never meet in my life. =P But I admit, I probably will swoon if Francis will as much as soothe my hair, like how Myolie swooned in 《衝上雲霄》. *_* Kekeke. HAHAHA.

It seems to me, most guys appreciate a chase and gave their fullest attention and sincerity only when there is uncertainty in successfully wooing the ones they like. So jian huh~ =P

Long weekend coming!


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