Out of nowhere, I suddenly took an interest in 吳鎮宇 Francis Ng AGAIN and started watching his drama serials and movies like 《衝上雲霄》, 《大地飞鹰》 and 《精灵变》. Somehow the last 2 shows have sad endings and kinda affected my mood. Still watching the 1st serial though, 40 episodes. He’s so charming as Samuel, the pilot.=D~~~ Too bad the woman he loved married his best friend.

=P He has always been my idol for his charm and brilliant acting. After some surfing, I just realised he’s also a saggi, just like dearie. So weird, it seems the guys I’m crazy with are mostly saggis. Haha.

And and and, the idols I like/love are usually the best of friends! Dayo Wong 黃子華 and 劉青雲 Sean Lau are also actors I admired and coincidentally, they’re the bestman for Francis’s wedding. It seems the world is so big, yet so small. Surprising, Dayo is the oldest, born in year 1960, Francis in year 1961 and Sean in 1964. Though Sean supposedly look the oldest. Haha. Anyway, these stars mostly look at least 10-18years off their age. So envy. I haven heard/read about Dayo’s personality before but I heard Francis and Sean can be extremely straightforward. Heard about Francis from articles and Sean when he gave his speech at some award presentation. No wonder they’re the best of friends. They’re shockingly blunt!

Male stars I love: 吳鎮宇(Francis), 黃子華(Dayo), 张学友(Jacky), 倪星
Female stars I love: 张敏(Sheila), 蔡少分(Ada), 朱茵(Athena), 李纹(Coco), 萧亚轩(Elva)

Might be more and but that’s all I can think of at the moment.



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