Miss Singapore World 2009 – Ris Low

This is hilarious! I’ve watched this no less than 5 times and it still makes me laugh everytime without fail. =) 29,700 views, 231 comments and still going.

If you want to read mean comments, it’s all over that link. So I shall save it. Just some sentiments though. Like, how I’m really really shocked that she’s Miss Singapore. Her level of oral communication really does astounded me, it’s really “cream of the crop”. But what really annoyed me was how poorly prepared she was when introducing herself. Surely you should have practiced beforehand and not hesitate about what you’re studying? It makes people wonder whether you know what the hell you’re doing. It’s just a basic responsibility that she should have when she knew people will be interviewing her and videos lately were rampant on Youtube. And she does seemed over-absorbed with herself with the repetitive “it’s about me…me me me.” It just makes me wonder how she live her life because..she doesnt look like she exercise brain activity most of the time.

And her slang…alas, why slang like a hobo angmo when you’re a local Singaporean? Nothing irritates me more when people just want to be someone/something they’re not. Just keep the Singlish out of the way will do. She might be a clown in Singapore to some but her poor enunciation and pronunciation wont be such a big deal on international platform because even Scottish/Japan/Hongkong English sound this weird to me. So the Caucasians probably wont laugh as hard as us if they should heard her speak but probably think all Singaporeans speak like that. =.=

Many had voiced out how the judges would have crowned her. I read that it’s most probably because in the Miss Universe competition, only the top 10 gets to speak. Perhaps Ris Low is one of the better-looking contestants. Since the judges dont expect any of them to go into top 10, might as well choose 1 who has a decent face, walks with grace, has nice teeth, which I think Ris Low possesses. Though like many, I do think we have more gorgeous-looking people in Singapore…but what to do…those people dont join these contests.

I’m feeling so hungry right now…I want chilli crab and high-tea buffets!!!


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