Star Virgo

Hi guys, I’m back from our 4days 3nights cruise trip atop Star Virgo which pulled over at Penang and Phuket. I’m harping on the excuse that it wasnt our honeymoon trip, so I’m skipping on uploading pictures. There really wasnt much to snap anyway since most of the time we were on the ship. Although we did spent like 8hours at Phuket.

I’m slightly emo and annoyed now because of PMS and plus the fact that I’m unable to sleep due to the extremely hot weather. I thought I’m able to endure for a few months till my new house arrive but now I’m wondering whether I can. Will shop for aircon later.

Despite feeling emo right now, I have to say that the trip went well. It wasnt fantastic as what we would like because we dont have time to spare for a longer getaway this year nor a proper honeymoon. But it was definitely sweet because it’s our second private overseas trip. All our previous trips were arranged by the company and was with all our colleagues.

Hmm…. If I didnt remember wrongly, the last time I’m aboard a cruise ship was when I’m 10+ years old I think…which was donkey years ago. Star Aquarius. Hmm…actually it was better in my memories, everything seemed more lavish but sometimes, memories just seemed sweeter and it’s not an accurate gauge. It’s my first time aboard Star Virgo and below are a few of my observations and reviews which you can take into account if you’re considering a cruise trip.

1) Around 90% of the cruise population consists of kids below 12 and adults over 40years old, who mostly travelled in families.

They make you think twice about starting a family.

2) Around more than 70% are Singaporeans.

If you haven seen massive kiasu-ness which exuded from swamps of aunties, it will be an eye-opener.

It amazes me how some aunties can place their round, fat bodies right infront of you in a queue and treat as if nothing happened. The word “queue” must have never existed in their dictionaries, unless accompanied with a “jump” infront.

3) Out of the 3 restaurants/cafes which serve the arranged complimentary buffets/set meals, Bella Vista served the best food(but worst service), followed by Pavilion Room and Mediterranean. Except for the one and only Gala dinner, BBQ dinner and selected Bella Vista meals, most were of unacceptable quality if you’re used to good food. We didnt try all the Ala-Carte restaurants except Taverna Bar which served nice sandwiches with great service.

4) Internal control was messy despite it was stated there should be priority for balcony cabins. Nevertheless, you are bound to enjoy good service only when you’re a Caucasian.

5) You can see any tom, dick or harry smoking on the ship anywhere they please except in the restaurants because there are no segregation of smoking/non-smoking areas.

6) Not sure for other casinos, but you enjoy free drinks on the house while you’re gaming.

7) $200 dining credits per cabin for balcony cabins. There’s not much to spend since meals are all provided. You can, however spend by dining or having drinks at the Ala Carte restaurants, bars, Ktv/disco and buying bottles of wine back. By the way, for their Ktv, 2 songs were allocated per order of drink. Ya, if you want to sing 10 songs, you have to order 5 drinks and probably puke to death before you can sing further.

8) Cleanliness of the ship is definitely A***** because everywhere you go, you’ll see people 吸吸这里, 擦擦那里, 勤奋极了!

9) While I thought I can finally get away from the mass number of China citizens working in Sg, right from waitresses to kopitiam helpers to salesgirls to my manicurist(!!!), I almost fainted when tons of China Citizens served me again atop the ship. =.=”” I mean its like, wtf, I almost see more China citizens than my own citizens in MY country. Everywhere I go, their voices rattled on in the most unbearable tone. And when I’m OUT of the country, they’re still with me! 救命阿!

10) Movies list were surprisingly fantastic, like “The Proposal”, “Overheard”, “The Hangover”, “Night at the Museum”, “Drag me to hell” etc. Too bad most we watched before. We did enjoyed one comedy by Louis Khoo and Barbie Hsu, some movie called something like “At your majesty’s secret service”. The gala shows were not bad too, watched some jugglings, magic, dance shows and circus acts by performers from all over the world.

We didnt alight at Penang but at Phuket instead. Due to time constraint, we didnt shop much, not much to shop anyway. But we did enjoyed a foot reflexology, body scrub and aromatherapy body massage at THB$2500 per pax at “Let’s Relax” located near Patong Beach. It’s around S$100+. Came up to around 3 hours. It’s not bad but still the best foot reflexology and massage were experienced in Bangkok. Cheaper too.

Thanks dear for the sweet getaway and I know my happiness lie with you, no matter where we are or what we do. =D

Love ya much.


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