Nasty post. Ask me for password =)

Saw a topic on forum which asked about “how to reject being a jiemei?” and saw all sorts of replies.

The more common answers would be to find some excuses to push it off whatsoever but most of them replied the bottomline is to reject early! So that the bride can find replacement. True true. I mean a rejection already can hurt that much, the least you will want is to drag it, pile up the hopes and damaged it further. And worse still, do like what a forummer has replied;

“Actually, no need to feel bad about rejecting the bride, you MUST be firm. what is there to feel paiseh about… I myself rejected being my best friend’s jiemei.. lol.. i just told her i cannot wake up at 6am and reach her hse that early.”

WAH! So irresponsible. Heng I dont have this kind of friend manz. I rather be rejected straight away then to be tua like that. Hate being put aeroplane. Really cant stand that upright and righteous tone about “what is there to feel paiseh about..I merely lied to her say I cant wake up and put her aeroplane, so that all her jiemeis’ duties fucked up~”

What a XXX~ Thank god I dont have jiemeis like that.

Then then, she went on to say,

“But quite regretful, coz for my wedding i actually didnt ask her to be my JM too…. coz she told me a few year’s ago she didnt like my other best frd… so i cannot just invite one and not the other… and i cannot invite both coz they dun like each other… eventually i had to ask my other frds to be my jie mei instead… THEN i found out recently that my 2 best frds actually have no re-collection of the other party’s existence, as they are not mutual frds… but too late i alr ask other ppl to be my jie-mei liao… some more they were a bit hinting and asked if i had found my JM… i feel quite bad abt not being able to have my besties as my JM on the most important day of my life *FULL OF REGRETS*, but didnt know how to explain to either of them… haiz

why not think of it this way… “maybe you are the backup becoz she didnt manage to get her closer friends to be the jie-meis”. start thinking like that and it will be easier for you to reject her liao ;P ”

*rollz eyes* I wonder what’s up with all the explanations when it’s not even the point? My guess is she dont have the cheek lah to ask the friend whom she tua, to be her jiemei. Yes, being a jiemei does involve some work. So you rejected to help out, you still want to ask people to help? Dont know what she’s trying to pull off. Like how she tua people without guilt and people still want to be her jiemei but yet she can easily find other people and rejected them AGAIN? Duhz!

I heard from a friend she also experienced the same thing, a.k.a the jiemei tua her in the morning and didnt show up. Cant stand irresponsible people.

I myself also experienced rejection before. That particular person, V, also didnt give a very clear reason but it doesnt matter, I think I roughly know the reason. And I understand. I understand she dont feel comfy being a jiemei. What I dont understand is AFTER she tua me for my hen’s night chalet BBQ(on the eve when food had been ordered), she still have to tua me for my wedding banquet. By sms-ing me as late as 3+pm on the actual day and simply said she cant make it without any reason/excuse. And when I replied “I cant believe you actually did this to me.” She replied saying something like “dont be angry ok….by the way, I just transferred back to Kbox.”

Hmm. Is her brain not functioning properly or she simply dont have any respect for me? Like, ahem, you just said you’re not attending my wedding at the very last minute and oh you just changed job? Promoted maybe?

Some people are really that selfish to ONLY think about themselves. And even when they’re letting people down, they’re STILL THINKING ABOUT THEMSELVES! Isnt that AMAZING? Such people DO exists yah!

Cross my heart. I’m that pissed because I do treat her as a good friend of mine. If she’s not, I wont even care. Wont even reply. Wont even feel hurt. Wont feel fury. But oh yes, I’m real furious. And call me petty, I dont really care, but she’s no longer my friend.

I dont have such friend. I think she’s just not worth it. =)

It’s really not a big deal being single at over 30years of age. Nobody cares about it except yourself. Dont you feel this group of people get so uptight and get so inferior or pessimistic over their status for DONT KNOW WHAT REASON? Simply too sensitive for their own good. It’s sad. It’s sad not because they’re single, but because they cant feel happiness for other people and cant help feeling sorry for themselves despite all their goodness. That’s so sad, so sad.

So yah, continue to avoid weddings as they’re such a taboo occassion. You might just strike 4D, win so much money, as if they can fill up your empty heart. Actually I wish 1 day she can understand how much it hurts to be put aeroplane by a good friend at her own wedding. But again I guess, she might not have a chance to experience it.

God, I’m so nasty and mean. Love becomes Hate I guess.


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