Wedding pictures link

My facebook friends must have find me pretty siao because I not only uploaded all wedding pictures via slideshows at, I also uploaded 2 wedding albums, namely day and night.

The reason is, I realised pictures dont look very clear in slideshows, at least I thought so. But the good thing is, they’re much more convenient to upload as I can upload them in bulk, like 50 pieces at 1 go. They do take a long time but it’s okay because I can do my other stuff. So ANYWAY, I’ve uploaded some pictures in facebook. They dont look alot to me, a total of 87 pictures, considering I have like 800+ pictures? Daphne uploaded 5 albums okie! Wonder how she did that. OMG, can only upload 5 pictures at a time. Facebook should really improve on bulk uploading. My slideshows have more pictures though, 100 each for Day and Night. Wahahaha. So view both slideshows and albums! =P

Morning Pictures

Night Pictures

I dont know if it works…well…just leave a comment then.

I missed blogging many movie reviews until they’re like too late to mean anything. But I really ought to comment about “Orphan”. It’s like one of the most thrilling show in the past 1 year I’ve watched. I remembered vaguely the last fantastic thriller was “Drag me to hell”, which was very nice too. “Orphan” has a much better plot and goodness, does all 12year old children from America act that well? I hope not because it’s freaking scary! Isabelle did a good job, she might get nominated I think.

If you haven catch the movie, it’s a must-watch. Box office sales must have been good, for it has been showing for more than a month. I love thrillers. More please.

Fell sick. I hate sore throats and runny nose. Sigh. It hurts even to talk. Dont even feel like talking. Please msn with me instead. =.=


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