I’m just pissed

Arghhhhh!! Dont you just HATE stalkers? Stalkers who evade your privacy sneakily and feel they got the right when they’re just nobody.

Now and then I do surf game sites and played some games when I’m free, like, you know, a normal being. Not just all work and no play. I’m human too. AND SO, now and then I got to know some friends online. But they always remain as online friends until…dont know…perhaps until something struck or until I’m 100% sure they’re just looking for friendship and nothing else.

Guard is definitely down for females. I dont think I’m that suay to bump into, or worse still, attract another lesbian AGAIN, I think. When I’m younger, I’m do meet some online friends to expand my social circle but not now anymore. I’m just, weary and simply have too many priorities. They say as you get older, your guts get smaller, you become more bo chup, less friendly, higher expectations, it’s kinda true.

SO, I’ve actually got to know some very nice friends from internet, mostly through game sites and forums. I dont care how they look, they dont care how I look, it’s perfect. We still enjoy conversations and games online. Exchanged facebook and look at each other’s pictures. Pictures of their boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives/babies/kids and pictures of me and my husband, dog etc. It warms me and sometimes we exchanged small talks on different topics. These are very good friends, thus the exchange of FB because I feel FB is a very private thing. It shows all your friends’ updates, your own pictures and many more.

Another group of friends I term as acquaintances. Friendly as they come, I allow an add on msn for casual chats. I thought it was okie as I never put picture on my msn window. What irks me are some despos who used the email on my msn and went to track my friendster and facebook.

Fine. You can say I’m petty and whatsoever. But I feel it’s very private. I dont like people searching or tracking on me, worse still, hound me on friendster or facebook to add.

What’s the big deal about facebook anyway? Why strangers like to add strangers and accept it like nobody business? I mean, you like it, go ahead. But I do reserve the right not to accept right? For people I dont know at all or dont even know well. I dont feel comfortable sharing my pictures with them. People who know me know I can get pretty irriated when meaningless people starts to bother me. I can get pretty riled up especially when some dont make sense at all. And when rejection was thrown, one can get pretty nasty.

And and, I dont understand whyyyyy when every quarrel starts, people like to pinpoint age. Like, “hey, little girl, grow up! Stop being a over-conservative prude or something”. What they dont know is that, they’re talking to an AUNTIE here who had long lived past the age of puppy love and “little-goats-knock-together”(xiao lu luan zhuang) online chemistry. They assumed I’m 20 just because there’s a 89 behind my nickname. HA! Ya and probably the side view profile picture in FB and friendster doesnt tell much about my age. Oh shit! Or are they able to see my other pictures just because I didnt choose private settings for my friendster? Eh shouldnt be, because if so, they wont think I’m 20 already because I obviously dont look like a 20year old!

Arrghhh! Anyway, I just cant help rolling my eyes when these group of guys thought they’re so much more mature than me with their ages between 23-25. YA RIGHT. DAMN MATURE LOR.

Perhaps it’s my fault for having such a nick, like unintentionally conning all the xiao di di that I’m a lovely and young 20year old virgin or something. But f**k, I probably dont like to announce my age to the whole game room that I’m a 27 married woman right?! And everytime when I said I’m not available, the pestering became more insistent. Argh! I think that’s the thing with guys. Mysterious aura huh, hard-to-get huh, all this seems to excite this group of xiao di di and it’s bloody pissing me off when I cant have a game in peace.


Because this group of despos literally dig up everything about you, from your nick to facebook to friendster. Damn, one from Viwawa even tracked me on google and stalked all the way to flowerpod forums and see what topics I engaged in. WTF?

Yes. Internet is that scary. I’m so going to go berserk if one is to track all stuffs I bought via online sprees WITH THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS POSTED FOR UPDATES. And damn, I’ve just posted order for a nude bra for $14 yesterday. I’m thinking too much but it’s possible for a stranger to even know my cup size! Yes yes yes I’m probably thinking too much! Argghhhh!!! I dont like such..such..acts!


2 Responses to I’m just pissed

  1. designvalue says:

    Hi, can i have the post for your nasty post? but its fine if you don’t wish to. can understand. cheers.

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    you mean password for my entry, “Nasty post. Ask me for password”?

    It’s basically about some negative feelings with an ex-friend who disappointed me at my wedding. Since she no longer contacts me(as much as how sorry she claimed she was), I think the friendship is already gone and I will release the entry as public. You can read it now easily. =)

    That entry is going to cast me in very badddd light. Ha~ Thanks for dropping by though. =)

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