Our Big Day – 16th Aug 2009

Venue: Swissotel Stamford

Erm I know I should probably blog this entry long ago before it became like a thing of the past, but I’m simply too busy and lazy to blog. Hmm Perhaps I will just blog a short one since PG and VG haven passed me the pictures and videos.

I know I should probably blog about only the happy stuff but I cant help having regrets and negative thoughts over some matters.

1) how bloated I am because of the water retention, so much so I look ridiculously plump on my actual day. =( Very sad. So lesson learnt, “try to plan your AD so that it falls at least 5 days after your Big Auntie left”. Sigh.

2) Table arrangement werent fantastic as much as I can help it. It’s mostly my fault because I blur, supposed to place the better seats for JieMei, XiongDi, good friends, colleagues and clients, but end up they were seated so far away from the screen, thus being blocked by pillars. So sorry. =( But now that I speak of it, the ballroom wasnt fantastic lah because of the pillars.

3) Dont have much time to mingle with all my guests because we were so busy. Because of some minor cork up, dinner also started late. I didnt give a wonderful thank-you speech because I dont have time to prepare. But no worry, I’ll thank somemore here!

I’m glad that everything is finally over! I have much thanks towards my jiemeis and xiongdis because if werent for them, I dont know how the day would have went. Chaos I think.

Thank you my darlings! You all look so gorgeous that day. =)

Special thanks to Eileen, my overall-in-charge jiemei who practically is my left and right hand because I’m so handicapped in the bulky ball gown. Thank god she took care of everything else I’m just dead! I think she almost missed the whole dinner because she was carrying my gown all the way! I feel so bad. Must treat her a dinner soon.

Next up, thanks to Grace for being my emcee with such short notice. Things do have a way of corking up at the last minute. She and Edwin did a wonderful job. Thank you!! Oops, I’m sorry the makeup artist didnt do a satisfying job for you. I saw the makeup she did at Shihui’s wedding and I thought she was good. Guess she’s not consistent!

Also, thanks to Shihui for coordinating the IT portion with the XiongDis, montages, videos and everything. Our march in songs couldnt be played because the hotel equipment couldnt read. She had to trouble her dear hubby Alex to buy a disc and somehow fixed the problem. Thank you both else we wont have music to march in!!

Thanks to Kelly and Joy for being my recepts, I know the guestlist was very messy. Thanks to Christine and Tracy for being called as Jiemei with very very short notice, till I’m pretty paiseh! Because some stuff corked up lah. But they were so onz and I’m really touched. =)

Hmm Nothing much to lament, just that I’m still very regretful that I dont look my best that day. HAIZ! And ya, there will always be people who put aeroplanes that day lah. I also dont want to say much lah, just that what goes around comes around.

Suddenly I feel this post is not a post of my wedding day. More like a thank-you speech post. Haha. But I’m glad all my guests enjoyed the food. They’re were scrumptious, especially the sharkfins and baby abalone. Shiok manz. Even the scallops were so succulent..and the dessert, mango sago. Damn. Makes me so hungry again. And the bridal suite at highest 66th storey with the sea view is awesome. =)

Sigh Can I go back to stay again? Stupid manz because I forgot to bring my camera. So blur..too hectic that day already. There were 3 TVs in the suite and 1 of them is infront of the bathtub. Haha. And all the food/drinks were free to consume in the suite. Oh I have a wedding cake too. Took a pic with my handphone. It looked pretty lah but not very tasty. Fondant cake with the interior being raisin cake. Kinda cheapo for a fondant-finished cake, was kinda disappointed leh.

As for my honeymoon, yeah many people have been asking me about it. Haiz But for the time being we’re really too busy to go. Still have to settle GLC stuff. Was thinking of going in dec but dec we will probably be busy with house and reno stuff. Plus I need to be jiemei for Li’s wedding in dec too. Nov also got a ROM to attend. They are great friends so I will make time to attend even though invitations are not out yet. Some friends said they cant attend mine because they got trips or whatsoever. I dont have much to say, just that our friendship were probably not deep enough. It all boils down to the heart really, got xim or not only lah. If you want to come, you will just come. If you dont want to come, there will be hundreds of reasons. =P

For those who haven hold a wedding, you will never understand the feeling until you experienced it yourself. For those who had, woah, it’s so very evil for you to tua us last minute when you know how detrimental it is to the couple. *screwed nose* Why got people like that one? Haiz.

Okie Thus end my post. I’m sure I will recall what I wanna add on to this post after I published this. Haha. But anyway, this is it! We’re married!


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