2x’s Birthday/Hen’s Night

My laptop crashed!! Talk about suayness.

Dearie bought me the Samsung jet as promised, or rather, threatened. I wasnt quite as excited as him, for he fondled my new phone for like more than an hour before I screamed at him for neglecting me again. Duhz. Guys.

Was fully prepared to sync all my contacts comfortably in the name of technology and cut all those manual input, I was shocked that the laptop couldnt start after I installed the Samsung Office Suite software. Duhz! And we were due to leave for the chalet. And so we brought along my old Nokia phone, my laptop and also my new Samsung Jet. Dearie promised me he could fix my laptop.

Ya right. Obviously he cant and as I only brought along my Samsung charger and not Nokia, I was totally clueless with all those birthday messages I’ve received because my Samsung phone with it’s SIM card did not even contain even 1 contact. I do recognised some numbers but it’s limited.

I heard friends commented about Samsung’s insensitivity with the keypad but I find it pretty okie just that I still need time to practice typing faster.

The Chalet
Yup. 8th Aug 09, dearie and I checked in at around 2.45pm with eyes like panda because we only slept few hours the previous night. We were both very busy with our work.

Happy belated birthday Chris. Sorry that I cant go Boiler for your birthday party on friday but I’m sure you’ll had fun even without me.

I was really damn blur about the whole chalet thing as it’s my 1st time organizing. I meant to book at East Coast, somehow I booked Pasir Ris instead. Duhz. Anyway, Pasir Ris it is, downtown east.

Frankly speaking, I’m really slightly sian after I realised I cant cycle nor go to the beach at Pasir Ris, more so when the stupid laptop cant work, and even more annoyingly so when dearie was looking all sian and sick.

I always know he’s frail lah but of all days hor, he had to get sick on 8th Aug. He’s not thatttt sick but just having running nose, thus making him weary. So I’m really quite sian lor. He did apologised and even got better after a quick nap. The eve of National Day, as well as the eve of my birthday, we booked a chalet and merely spent the day cooped up in the room. DUHZ! Though to be honest, I find it quite relaxing. Thank god for the nice movies aired that day. Dao2 Huo3 Xian4 by Donnie Yen and Louis Khoo and also Resident Evil 2.

Before dearie excitedly commented that it’s going to show Wo Cai Wo Cai Wo Cai Cai Cai, I hoisted him off for a movie at Downtown East. No way am I going to be stuck in the room from day till night.

Movie title: Where got Ghost
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: It does it’s job, as in, comedy lor. But both dearie and I can see Jack Neo doesnt give much effort in directing this show. It’s like sloppily made.

9th Aug
We set off for Wild Wild Wet in the day since we had complimentary tickets. And HAHA, both of us, who combined to be more than 50 years old, have not gone to Wild Wild Wet before. So just imagine my awed look when I wowed all the way inside. It’s really pretty fun but real tiring. I got alot of sun and now I have 2 colours, exactly in the shape of my bikini. It’s really darn ugly…Hopefully I can get back in 1 colour before Sunday, the difference is not very great.

Time flies and soon enough the BBQ food arrived. Jes and SL were the 1st to arrive and we started BBQ-ing as I’m hungry. It’s my 1st time(again) trying to start a BBQ fire. Haha. Cant depend on dearie lah. Everything also dont know. =P Jes left at 7pm to watch the fireworks and came back at 9+pm. Most arrived between 7pm-9pm.

Hmm…I really ought to thank most of my friends who willingly come all the way to Pasir Ris to spend this day with me. Because I know not every friend will willingly part this public holday in the middle of a long weekend for a normal friend’s birthday/hen’s night instead of spending it with their loved ones. Some boyfriends and spouses even came along for awhile to congratulate me. Thanks so much. I’m so sorry to usurp your darlings but dont worry, it will probably be the last time. I dont feel THAT excited to celebrate my birthdays again. Not that I’m still 18. But 10years older next year. =(

Hmm what else to update? Nothing much lah except I’m very busy all the time…also dont know with what. Awhile with BBQ-ing, awhile serving drinks, awhile clearing the mess up. Thanks to all those who helped with the BBQ! And of course my JieMei meeting. Ahh…about how to sabo the groom and XiongDi. I’m pretty paiseh because I really dont have much ideas and was too pre-occupied with all the stuff around me. Thanks to Kat with her experience at being Jiemei, for she contributed many ideas. Lol.

Initially I though max half an hour we can settle the Actual Day Schedule and Gatecrash stuff but we took like 1-2hours! I’m actually so surprised why my dear girls were so excited and animated about all the sabo stuff. HAHA. Erm…I thought they were pretty boring stuff like, ah..preparing sour, nasty food stuff etc and I also heard some people complaining it’s boring being a jiemei. I guess it differs with different crowd. =) I have AWESOME friends! I can really feel their enthusiasm spilling. Lol. However, I hope the XiongDi’s can be sporting enough lo. =P

Thanks to all the Jiemei for accommodating the timing of one another because some arrived earlier and some arrived later. I can see that they worked great even though some only just know each other. In fact I have many many close girlfriends whom I would like to be my jiemei but I take into account many factors, like whether are they experienced, are they free, are they keen, are they easily open to new jiemei friends and of course, my budget la. Initially G was excitedly thinking each and every game can squeeze how much angbao. I was pre-occupied with all the chalet stuff and did not really captured that until Rey(being kpo) came to ask me.

So I said the angbao will be prepared by me loh because as what was promised, “small” money I pay, “big” money he pay mah. With that, G’s face fell. Rey said, “you still bear to “chop” or not now?” Lol. Then G said, “haiz, then $10 will do lah.” SO SWEET! Love ya girls. But of course I wont be that niao lah!!

Hen’s night started realllyyyy late after the Jiemei’s meeting and some already started to leave because their darlings were already outside, dying to fetch their honeys home. Lol. So actually, only around 10+ people left when the Hen’s Night actually started.

As expected they wanted to sabo me with drinks but I siam. Initially I told them to bring a bottle of softdrink each for the chalet but all ended bring red wine. Pengz! And I announced cheerfully, “Oh great! We will drink red wine, beer AND NEAT vodka, martell and malibu!!”


Okie lah it’s not that bad…still got few bottles of green tea. But ultimately, all the red wine were finished while all the other drinks got untouched. Haiz..I brought home alot. Will bring them for the wedding instead.

I’m sorry to say no pictures to grace your eyes because blur me forgotten to bring camera. I’m not much of a “picture-taking” person la..G got take some pictures though.

Oh I forgot to mention about dearie. Like I said, I practically told him to go for his bachelor’s night which his enthu XiongDi had arranged for him that night at around 10+pm. So that I can start my Hen’s Night too. How can I start with him around right?

Then he’s like dragging to go like that lor. =P Until I have to, like, chase him away. Lol. Which made him pretty buay song. Haha. Then he said, if he’s not tired, he might come back chalet find me. Wah lau. “It’s HEN’S NIGHT LEH! You come back then I how to Hen’s Night?!”

“OKOK LAH!” He said in a buay-song tone and eventually left for his bachelor’s night. Haha. But dont think I bullied him lor. I think he got an even smashing night than me because he still can go for 2nd round at around 3plus am. While I’m still pretty sober avoiding the drinks at all costs. Iv they all were dying to grab me to dragonfly. And hinting that it’s my last chance to GS. =.= I dont want lor. Moreover in flats, so tired, lazy to go out of the chalet.

Thinking, still find it very funny. I know most people who just knew me think I’m so wild. Hmm they said it’s just an aura I exude and perhaps my dressing. Ly once said, “you already look very wild already and now with your permed hair, you look even wilder!” (=.=)””” And even Ter said I dont look like how I’m like, as in, a preacher of all values I hold dear.

But really I’m not that wild in real life, at least not when I’m of my current age lo. Actually I WISHED I was wilder when I’m younger. Because now no chance liao. Boowoo! You lucky singles!

I asked dearie how he spent his bachelor’s night and whether shiok or not. He said he’s honest to tell me everything, about going to a thai club in Orchard Tower and then to a “NON-family-style KTV” at Orchard.

Orchard Tower. Thai Club.

Non-family-style KTV.

I guess it’s all quite obvious huh.

I once had this chat with Kel that if for bachelor’s night sake, will she allow her husband to have a last fling with another female? She broke off in horror and said of course NO la. Then she asked, “you allow meh???”

On impulse, I answered, if it’s his last time and since I have faith in dearie for not developing emotional attachment for ONS, I thought it’s OK. Immediately she exclaimed LOUDLY, “Wah! Hao3 da4 fang1 wor!” But after awhile, I started to think what if he got addicted and stuff like that, or couldnt forget what happened. So I was actually in a dilemma.

But somehow, perhaps I’ve mentioned before casually or my nonchalant attitude shows, my dear actually assumed I’m OK with all these and daringly went to………..HAHA…before I scare you, he didnt DO IT lah(anyway, that’s what he CLAIMS). He just said he HONESTLY only did some touching.


I see. Hmmmm……

“Significant parts?” I inquired with quizzical curiosity.


Okie. Enough is enough, to be written on a public blog.

You want more juicy details, ask me. =)

God, I cant imagine I’m that magnanimous.


Anyway I really enjoyed the eve and my actual birthday cum hen’s night. Thank you for all your presence and wonderful gifts. =D

2 Responses to 2x’s Birthday/Hen’s Night

  1. RaiN says:

    Glad you had fun girl. And sorry for my absence 🙂

  2. Kaori says:

    Yeah I had fun. =) I was disappointed when you cant come, so was a little grouchy on the phone only la.

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