My Guo Da Li


End of story.


At first I felt so miserable because I had nobody to turn to to pour out my troubles.

Mum? No. Wait she’ll feel even sadder for me, more indignant and hence more negative feelings towards “her”.

Dearie? No. He’ll never admits his p****** are in the wrong no matter what. All are my fault, it’s always mine. I always 好心做坏事.

I cant blog about it either because Dearie dislikes me to blog what happened because he cares how others view his p******, despite all I’ve blog are the truth.

Friends? Most are working and probably too busy to hear about my woes.

Only Hui who is kind enough to hear me rant on msn. Brought all my tears pouring again. =(

I’m such an infilial daughter to make my mum felt heartbroken for me. I felt so bad for making her cry for me.

I think there’re still a few friends who genuinely care for me, just so they’re not around when I need them. Especially I’m not the one who likes to show my vulnerable side or specially call to display it.

Therefore, no matter whether you do care or you dont give a damn about it, I dont think I will want to mention about it again. Because I realised talking about it makes me sad all over again. And it’s not worth it, yah I know.

And I shall go ahead and ask for my Samsung Jet, because I realised I must start to care for myself as well as my mum more instead of caring too much for other people’s wallet, especially someone who dont really seem to care about my feelings.

Oh It’s mummy’s birthday today. I dont have to write here actually but I really do love her alot alot. We bought her a box of ginseng, hopefully can strengthen her health.

Dearie, thanks for your contributions. Please go ahead and buy the Samsung Jet for me. Buy from Daniel, Ir’s friend at Bugis, $580 only. I know you have always want to buy it for me. Afterall, It’s only a teeny bit from your investment gains now that I think about it so I can stop feeling guilty for making you spend on me.


I should really learn from Rain. She doesnt have those sour feelings when her beau spends alot on her, probably because she also spends that much on them. But me too okie! I should start feeling like that and stop being “so nice”. =)


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