Woah! Rushing!

Woah! I’m now blogging on the car, on the road, with the car running at 100km/hr! So damn busy. Just finished sending some wedding cakes. Now going off to Cathay to catch the show, “Overheard”. It has been so long since we watch a movie. But main reason is because I’m hungry. So we’re going town to grab a bite cum catch a movie. Later still have to prepare some goal-setting stuff as it’s tomorrow. Not very keen on the work portion but hopefully the team-bonding games are fun!

Went Boiler room yesterday on Iv’s invitation as it’s Boiler’s 2nd year anniversary. Expecting great performance and I wasnt disappointed. Wasnt so excited with the free flow. Manz, I had enough! We reached around 7+pm and some of us left at around 10+pm. So damn early! Well, because some people kept running about lor. And some people emo lah. And me wasnt keen on drinking. I actually felt bloated around 6 rounds of drinks, 3 red and 3 vodka.

Just spare me on my hen’s night. A night of fun with you guys yes. But dont have to make me drunk to be fun!


One Response to Woah! Rushing!

  1. Ir says:

    Hope you are feeling better now! 🙂
    Enjoy your coming B/d kekekek…
    Yes, spend spend spend… make the man pay!

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