Wedding/Guo Da Li Cakes

Mummy was so sweet to buy a heart-shaped cake for us on the AN CHUANG day. Hmm not much meaning but just for pleasure. =)


Our wedding cakes from Shida, Angelzcup





Isnt it lovely?

Actually there are supposed to be 6 mini ones in a box. But I ate 1 hungrily before I remembered to take a picture. The mini cupcake has a piece of mint inside with buttercream frosting. Like it very much. While for the big cuppie with the red rose, delicate it might look, the rose actually dont taste nice. Kinda hard. I like the mini ones much better. And because there werent any plastic trays in the box to hold them, they kinda got “disfigured” on the way home. =(

We got to send them, 30 boxes out in 5 days. Will be damn busy these days.

I heard Guo Da Li cakes are supposed to be distributed AFTER the Guo Da Li. But I scared it will be very rush…so…heck the customs. =P

See, I’m not that ban-dang nor superstitious after all.


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