Our Bed and An Chuang

My bed arrived today. I like it very much. =)
Initially I dont want white colour as it’s difficult to maintain. But dearie always has a thing for white and “something” against black so we got white lor. I will be scrubbing the half-leather every week from now. =(

And we AN CHUANG too.

It’s actually pretty high. Dearie keep suan me whether I can climb onto it or not. Grrrrrrrr!

Sorry for the dark pictures because I lazy to lift the bed all the way up. But the storage is realllyyyyy spacious, 14 inches deep. Love it love it.

So much barang barang. But most can be cleared after the wedding.

An Chuang

Okie. Master Chang gave us the auspicious timing as between 5.15-6.15pm today. The bed arrived around 11+am. And we cleared all our stuff, taking a break to have lunch outside cum buy 2 more boxes from Jurong Point NTUC to store stuff before we AN. We changed new bedsheets, added 2 cute furry mini bolsters and 1 long bolster cum changed our new seahorse pillows. The mattress is already new, only few months old. Bed, mattress, pillows are all from Seahorse. I love their stuff, cheap and very good! Mini bolsters and long bolster from OG. Gonna use back 1 old bolster as it’s still pretty new.

An Chuang Stuff;
Actually we didnt follow 100% as most couples did. Anyway, different people do it differently. The way we did, is for tradition, auspicious symbolism as well as practicality. Like some said, you’re not supposed to sleep on the bed on the actual day. But Master Chang said it’s good to sleep on the bed after that for all the “goodness”.

“Next day then sleep no use liao.” He said.

Whatever la. Of course we listen to him, because, where the hell we can sleep if we dont sleep on the bed??

I asked mum to buy most of the ingredients for me including the red round tray. We sticked on the heart-shape “XI” stickers ourselves. Haha I asked dearie to stick two of them, with them touching each other, meaning, “shuang XI”(double happiness), and “xin xin xiang yin”(both hearts together). Muahahaha.

An Chuang Items include:
1) 2 oranges
2) Bai2 He2
3) Lian2 Zi3
4) Red dates
5) Ji2 Bing3
6) Rock sugar
7) Long gan
8) Yuan Qian (big and small)
9) Black coal
10) Ang bao
11) Red String

If possible, we put portions of even number for each item, mostly 2 or 8. We bao a even number inside the angbao too. Actually think back very funny. Because I read too much and heard too much about AN CHUANG stuff. End up I was so confused which one to follow. So some stuff were being bought for safety sake or on impulse and just being dumped in the same tray for auspicious-meaning sake. HAHA. Though I kinda forget exactly what are the auspicious meanings, e.g, for red string. =P Black coal means “ho2 tan4”, good business to earn.

So please dont follow me blindly for the details because I kinda do it the way I like. Wahahahaha.

Hmm…We also put da yuan and xiao yuan on the 4 corners of the bed, beneath the mattress, scotch-taped, so that they wont fall. Hmm….Mummy also cooked tang yuan(dumplings) in the evening. We gonna take it with the cute couple bowls we bought from the Guo Da Li shop. They’re supposed to contain the dumplings that we’re eating on wedding day but repeated use should be okie la.

As for Guo Da Li date, we fixed it on 2nd Aug.

So so busy. Need to send out wedding invites soon and order BBQ food already. Receiving our wedding cakes on 27th Aug.

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