Perm or not?

Another entry again! Because too many stuff to blog nehz.

I had prepared some stuff for thursday 23rd’s AN CHUANG ceremony for our new bed from SEAHORSE. Even though we bought like 1+month ago, I still like it alot and feeling pretty excited with it’s arrival. I love it’s deep deep storage. *winkz*

Will take more pictures of the AN CHUANG stuff on thursday bah. Should start collecting addresses for the mail of some wedding invites le but I’m so lazy… Perhaps I’ll get around to it during the last week of July because that’s when the cakes are ready anyway. Some invites are given together with cakes I dont need extra work to differentiate them, can do it at 1 go. Finally also bought the tray to hold the tea(going to recycle the tray used for an chuang too) as well as the betrothal basket. Bought it off $18 from a shop in Jurong.

Last friday went Wine Bos with Kel. She mentioned she got cravings for red wine. Met her to pass her some clothing for Kae as well as to sign some policy documents. After business then we started drinking. MUAHAHAHA. It’s my first time that I drank so much red wine. We shared a total of 3 bottles. *faintzz* Ordered sotong balls and chicken wings too. Very shiok! Haha. Indeed, it’s a great pleasure! But perhaps too much pleasure liao until somehow lost control! Kel started throwing up. Aiyo, she very funny one. Either is totally sober or else totally gone. I cant imagine she can puke soooOooo much. Literally she washed my feet(in sandals!) with her watery, reddish puke. Grossssss!!!!

And this woman hor, forced me to come in shorts and sandals, or else she wont meet me. Because she said she wore very lok as she’s outside already. =.= As a result I suffered a cold lor as I took train to Winebos. I kept sneezing until she felt guilty. HAHAHA. Okie lah, I’m fine. After few glasses of red wine, my cold healed. =) So red wine can cure cold okie? Haha. Anyway to sum up, I reached home around 5am lor because it’s a chore to take care of the drunk kel because she wanted to go home herself when she obviously cannot make it lah!!!

Wah!! So I fiddled with her Samsung touch phone(dont know which model but it’s not Omnia) and I just COULDNT unlock it to find J’s number to come fetch her. ZzZzz. I’m so desperate that I called Dav too because he uses Samsung phone but somehow I still cant get it unlocked!

The Winebos staff were all very nice. Despite we dragged their off work time, they were still very very nice and said it doesnt matter, with Kel and me apologising profusely. Finally 1 of them managed to unlock the phone and I finally got the number. What a night. But still very fun. Eh, though perhaps next time 2 person cant share 3 bottles liao, too much. Even the next day, my whole body cum head ached SO MUCH and totally no energy at all. Not to mention, Kel did not make it to work. Alas, it’s my fault lor…I shouldnt have opened the last bottle…muddleheaded. Because 2 bottles free 1, though I should take away for the 3rd bottle.

And now, I’m suddenly so excited about perming my hair and doing it at the salon which Kel has done. Why? Oh because the night when she’s puking nonnnn-stop, her gorgeous tresses kept falling over her shoulders and came into contact with her puke-waterfall. Despite how much I concentrated on pulling her hair out of the way, I cant help to notice they were beautiful curls, albeit very smelly with the puke. HAHAHA.

I hoped she bathed before she slept that night. =)

That’s not the only reason la. After I enquired from her, her perm has lasted more than 6 months already and still looking good. Very very easy to maintain, according to her and relatively cheap as dye+perm+treatment=$300. It was a neighbourhood salon in bedok. Yes BEDOK!!! Faintzzz. But just perm alone at RED’S will be $300 already. Plus, I heard really good comments about Cindy, the one who did her hair. I mentioned before my hair was spoilt by that stupid stylist at Kelly’s Salon at Yewtee central. And now I simply cant stand the sight of my hair so I wished to perm it.

But but, I’m also worried it might not turn out nice as my hair is so dry. =(

Getting more and more indecisive. =/


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