Stupid printer story

The humidity is driving me crazy!


Okie some updates though I’m getting lazier and lazier to update. I rather read friends’ blogs. =D

Few weeks ago(ya, so lag!) I met up with Ir to Sim Lim because she needed to buy toner cartridge for her laser printer. Speaking of printer, or whatever electronic stuff, she will always update me on the premium and up-to-date stuffs because I’m always so sua gu. Hahaha. And so, I was surprised why her toner cartridge costs more than a hundred and so much bulkier than the one I normally sees. Then she explained because hers is laser printer and went on to praise how good is laser printer and encouraged me to get 1. Lol.

Speaking of printers, I told her I already got 2 printers and I definitely dont need a 3rd one! Haha. Why 2? Alas, because somehow the EPSON all-in-one printer posed error after it finished it’s ink cartridge. I remembered I bought a new one to install but it still cant work. So I concluded the printer was spoilt. It was still available for warranty then, which was more than 1 year ago. But after a call to the service center, the staff replied it might be because the ink cartridge spoilt and IF I cant present the receipt of the ink cartridge, to show that the ink cartridge was indeed bought within a week, they wont repair for me.

WTF right? So anyway, it was very troublesome as we had to carry the printer down all the way to commonwealth to repair. And my stupid husband has simply no time to fetch nor accompany me go repair lor. He is sooooo lazy when it comes to such things. Anyway we kinda dont bother about it much and started to print in office la. But once we saw a Canon basic printer selling cheaply at $79, so we bought it. It is still working great, love it to bits. We also kept the EPSON one because it can fax. Stupid right, that’s why I have 2 printers now which occupies so much space.

Ir asked many questions about her printer, e.g, why print so few pages then cant print liao when she was told it’s up to 3000pages. Then the shop owner replied because she didnt use draft mode bla bla. After her queries were done, I asked the uncle too because the broke down of the EPSON printer within a year has been bothering me for quite some time. And he answered most probably it’s the ink cartridge spoilt and not the printer.

That’s what which bothered me alot because I’ve asked the EPSON customer service the same question, “how can ink be spoilt leh?? It was still running wet, I can see. How can be spoilt leh??”

Ahhhh……then the Sim Lim shop uncle answered me, “it’s spoilt in a way that the computer chip cannot be detected, not that the ink cannot flow, etc”.

Ohhhhhhhh I see.

So I bought a black ink cartridge from him, cheaply at $15. When I got home to try, still cannot! Then I saw the error message clearer this time. It says it’s the YELLOW cartridge with error. Grrrrrr. I was wondering should I really risk buying another YELLOW cartridge or not.

“What if after the YELLOW cartridge works then the PINK cartridge start to have error??”

“wont bah….”, dearie said.

“Then then what if after I buy another PINK cartridge then the CYAN cartridge got error??”

Because up till now, we’re only guessing and ASSUMING that the printer didnt work because the fault lies with the cartridges. What if it’s not? What if it’s really the printer spoilt?? Sigh….so I procrastinated for few days before I finally bought the YELLOW cartridge. Just gotta give it 1 last try.

Thank god. Finally the error message stopped appearing.

But thennnn, I realised I had uninstalled my EPSON printer driver. ZzZzz. And I cant find the disc!!! SoooOoo I went online to download it. But lehhhh, it was a zipped file. My winzip expired and I cant open! Okie nevermind, dearie went to find a program call Jzip to unzip for me on my computer. But still, it cant work! And I thought the file got error or wasnt updated as the date was 2007, especially when my platform was Vista. So while I’m pulling my hair, I overturned alllll my drawers to find that stupid disc.

And finally I found it!!! Yeah! And I happily went to install it.

But it still cant work!! It says it’s not compatible with my computer. I think it’s because my laptop is Vista.

I know it’s getting boring here BUT I really need to finish this stupid story. So so so I called the EPSON service center. Then they said their zip file can only be unzip properly by either winzip or winrar. Other program might not unzip the file PROPERLY.


“you send to me can or not??”

“sorry Miss, cant be sent because the file is too big!”


My winzip has expired and it was screaming at me to pay pay pay. Of course I dont wanna pay lah! Then dearie used his computer to unzip with his winzip and then copied the files on thumbdrive to me. Even so, he copied few times liao then I can open. Dammit.

Finally it worked.

Thus ended my stupid printer story.

Morale of the story: Dont EVER buy EPSON printer

2 Responses to Stupid printer story

  1. siewlin says:

    i was reading ur story then i realised……………. i just bought epson printer hahhaha!!!

  2. Kaori says:

    Errrr….good luck to you. =P

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