I’m so Auntie

Continuation from the last post…

Despite how EPSON printers suck, I really got to thank Ir for if not for her(indirectly), I wouldnt know actually the EPSON printer wasnt spoilt at all. If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have bought the CANON printer la. It’s not really the money because it was really a cheap and good printer. But now it’s really din teh lor. I got to keep it in my wardrobe. I had to use the EPSON one because 1)it’s bulkier, more troublesome to keep, 2) it can fax, scan and copy too, 3) I just bought 2 new cartridges for it, of course I must use it.

Initially I thought of giving the CANON printer away but dearie said keep it as spare. True lo…dont know when the EPSON ki siao again and it’s good to have a spare when we need to print stuff urgently. Because colour printers are like that. Whenever one of the coloured ink cartridge finishes, you cant print until you replenish even if you’re printing in black and white. Stupid right? Okok End of printer-related stuff. And remember, DO NOT BUY EPSON PRINTERS.

Next up, I have few product recommendations. =)

It was a scary thing to go shopping with Ir. I dont know why but I tend to buy alot of stuff when I’m out with her. Maybe she’s such a good shopping kakki, always giving you lots of suggestions, ideas etc. Not to mention she will always try to help you bargain and she always got tons of good deals. Just that Sim Lim trip alone, I bought a $180 AKG professional ear phone, a $65(or $68, dont remember) Shimono hand-held portable vacuum cleaner plus the EPSON ink cartridge.

1st recommendation.
Shimono hand-held portable vacuum cleaner.

I tell you I love the vacuum cleaner to bits! Ir also bought one. It’s a Japanese brand and comes with a 1year warranty. It is of course not as powerful as normal vacuum cleaner but it’s good enough at 80W. Other brands come with max 70W, said Ir. What’s great about it was it has a whole lot of useful accessories, normal cum car charger. And it can be used for max 45minutes when cordless. Works great for car. When I heard it’s only 45minutes, I mused out loud. However, Ir said it’s very good already because normal hand-held vacuum cleaners can only work for 20minutes. That’s why she requested a refund for her Philips one. Oh I see.

Here’s some pictures.





For the dust/hair etc, you can just empty them out from the funnel. There is the filter too but wont need to change very often unless it’s torn. It’s priced around $12-$15, can be bought from the company.

2nd recommendation
SONA POWER FAN, which I talked about earlier.

A wonderful buy too at $79.90, considering it’s so much more powerful than normal fans of that range. Only con is it’s slightly noisier than normal fans.



3rd recommendation
AKG professional headphone

So far pretty satisfied with it’s quality but it’s more obvious when I listen to heavy metal, pop songs or songs with heavy bass. I love the cushions, very very comfortable on the ears! You can sleep in it. =) Most importantly, very lightweight thus suitable for females and not bulky. So it doesnt feel oppressive when you had them on for few hours nor do your ears sweat compared if you use those ultra big “pillow” earphones. The main reason why I got it was because dearie dont like those ear pieces which you need to stuck into the ears. He felt uncomfortable. So I thought we can share this headphone at home. It’s OK to bring out too since it’s pretty lightweight and not bulky. But mostly we used it at home for the laptop as it doesnt have terrific sound system, not great for listening to music nor watching movies.



Oh my god…I’m getting more and more auntie…..talking about household products already. Wagagaga. And what’s more, I just got my FAIRPRICE NTUC credit card issued by OCBC. Because I’m going to be an obasan who will be shopping in NTUC from time to time for my groceries and toiletries soon! Heard the linkpoints system is not bad, can accumulate rebates.


Free membership into LinkPoints loyalty program and receive:-

NTUC FairPrice Stores
S$1 Spent = 2 LinkPoints (min spend of $20)
FairPrice Online (www.fairpriceonline.com.sg )
S$2 Spent = 5 LinkPoints
At VISA accepting merchants
S$2 Spent = 1 LinkPoint (VISA transactions)

At over 600 Link merchant outlets
Varies according to merchant promotions

Linkpoints at over 600 participating LinkPoints merchant outlets in Singapore. For the full list of participating LinkPoint merchant outlets and redemption items.

Enjoy further discounts and privileges (card promotions) exclusively with the FairPrice Plus cards.

Ahhhh….also enjoy priority queue at Jurong Point FairPrice EXTRA(open 24hours) and free NTUC membership. That’s why my downtown east chalet got slightly cheaper price.

Ahhhh…..I’m so auntie. =/
Did I mention…I also have a thing with bedsheet sets….I dont know why!!! *blushed*

Next up, something which I bought yesterday and love it to bits!

Da dang!!

My FION Tote bag. =D

Glittery. I like. HAHAHA.

My own brand okie? =P

Can fit my long wallet, keypouch, mp3 player, handphone and cosmetics pretty nicely!

Sides also can put somemore!

Forgot to take picture of the back but there’s only a simple zip in gold to put little stuff la. It’s slightly smaller than the medium LV Neverfull and can put less things because it has a zip. It’s also more sturdy and I love the distinct tote shape. At least now I can stop worrying everytime I try to get something out from the tote because for Neverfull, it sorta flare SO OPEN machiam like inviting people to pick what’s inside. =P

Love it love it. And dont nag me for buying lor…I treat it as a birthday pressie for myself. I longggggggggg time never buy bag already okie! After being nagged by MIL for my Neverfull. =(

At least this FION bag doesnt cost as much as Neverfull. =P It’s $260 after 10% disc at OG.

Oh now I remembered. The last I bought was a bridal pearl pouch from COAST. But that’s not counted okie, it’s for the wedding. =P

Dearie said wanna buy Samsung Jet for me as birthday pressie but I’m still considering. I mean yah, my Nokia N91 or 81(heck care la, dont remember, old phone anyway) is a very old phone lah but it serves me well. It’s really abit xie2 la because back then when I said I might change phone, it started giving me lots of problems during receiving, as in, cant hear properly. But after consideration, I MENTIONED that I might not change afterall because looking at Samsung Jet, it’s not very much more superior than my current Nokia because the most important function to me, is to be able to sync contacts and calender appointments. Samsung does the same. THEN HOR, my nokia’s problems all disappear!! Weird right?!

Oh ya Jet does have WIFI, hmm but I’m kinda idiot-proof at that…might have to digest somemore la for that. In addition, it’s a cool, trendy, touch phone. Cool, it is..but in a way, I’m worried I might not get used to it. I will buy it in an instant if it can read excel files, which sadly Nokia cant(unless I buy the software to download at $49.90 I think). But too bad, it doesnt support.

As for the music, camera bla bla, doesnt matter. I got mp3 and camera already. So the only perks to me is, the coolness of using a much newer version of touch phone. But actually I’m not so much of a “must-get-whatever-people-get” or “must-get-the-latest-phone” kinda person. I’m more practical. So yah…still considering la…interest kinda diminishing.

Hmmm…….UNLESS got people sell at $450 lah!! Brand new empty handset! Then I will buy!! Hahaha. Dan is selling at $580 though.

A.L is selling her brand new Samsung Pixion(pink) at $500(neg). Contact me if anyone’s interested. Cheers!!

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  2. Katherine says:

    I dont believe this! I bought this Sona Power Fan from Courts yesterday, and trying to google to find out if its “normally” noisy or if I had installed it incorrectly. And there you are! Your blog and your thoughts on this fan, lol.

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