Maybe it’s true love

Something happened some time back then which kinda boggled my mind.

Nothing big, nothing serious, I promise. But I’m just very curious what most of you think.

Hmm, I was just passing a comment back then to a guy friend of mine.

“Your wife has a terrific figure!”, my voice filled with envy.

“Of course lah! That’s why I married her mah!”.


I, obviously was at a loss of words. Didnt know how else to respond but to smile like an idiot.

Anyway, wouldnt want to comment much lah but how would you like your spouse to reply to such a question?

“Why you marry your wife?”

Hmmm…for me, definitely it wont be because of looks or figure. Because I have none of them at the start. WAHAHAHA.

So I shall try to act classy and spiritual by saying,

I would love him to answer as

“Because I love the way she is and wants her to be by my side forever.”

SO CHEESY! You might say.

But I like it and it’s my perfect answer. =)

I shall ask him tonight. Dont think he has the time to read this entry as yet as he’s busy outside.

Yesterday we were at Vivo shopping and my total damages were around $200. Arghh! We meant to leave early at 9+pm because dearie had appointment. But when we tried to exit the level 6 carpark, we couldnt! Because of the huge mass of cars stucked in the 6 storeys of “roundabout” carpark.

How bad was it? Let’s just say for 40minutes, we only managed 5metres and we cant even reach the “opening” of the “roundabout”. Can you imagine after 40minutes and we’re still stucked at level 6. It’s obscene! The highest storey is 7th so there were also cars preventing us from getting out.

Dearie’s appointment was supposed to be 10pm but I hinted him to postpone tomorrow because the jam was really disastrous. But HE CANT GET IT. So he asked whether it’s okie that he reached later. =.= HA! Later. Dont even dream of reaching before midnight lor!

What’s worse was this silly, goondu hubby of mine still have to be Mr Nice Guy at this hour. We practically already wasted 20minutes waiting and only managed to move like 3metres. There was this car which reversed parked and wanted to come out just on our left side. And a fat obasan came out to signal to us to let her hubby drive the car out. I, being the mean, selfish prick was obviously against it.

Look at it this way, we waited for around 20minutes to come this far, albeit 3metres. And you expect the moment you popped into your car and wish to take the same position, IMMEDIATELY? Dont forget there were like 5 cars behind us, who waited for exactly the same amount of time. On the other hand, there were also 2 cars on the right side(parked the normal way) and wanted to get out too. But they were more sedate and waited patiently for a chance, inching bit by bit out.

I was very very annoyed at this fat obasan and said out loud in the car it’s impossible to give way to her in this situation. How to give way when the queue was obviously not moving? And guess what, my stupid husband go and let them take the lead out. And GUESS AGAIN, the other 2 cars took the same opportunity and all came out at once.

Suddenly we were overtaken by, NOT 1, NOT 2 but 3 cars!

I was really tulan till what kinda vulgarities also can scold already but I curbed myself. Neverthless, I scolded Ad left right centre cum upside down. I specifically told him not to give way liao but he didnt get it inside his head and even said what can he do when the obasan came all the way infront to signal him to give way.


Really felt like slapping him right then and I damn well mean it. What does he mean by “what can I do”? There’re tons of stuff he can do other than siting behind the wheels and staying silent.

He still had the cheek to ask, “if so, why didnt you signal “NO” to her when she demanded?”

Crazy, why should I signal to her? I dont even want to chup her. I’m IGNORING HER because she was god-damn buay zi dong. And YOU WERE BEHIND THE STEERING WHEEL! If you dont let their car come out, there’s no way they can! What’s there to talk so much?”

After that 3 cars cut infront of us, I asked Ad to inched forward to over take the obasan’s car. Being cut twice is enough, not need thrice. At first they were reluctant! Think about gratitude, for GIVING them a chance to come out. I screamed at Ad again, die die must over take them since they repay kindness with SHIT. Finally the fcuk drive relented and let us lead them. But I bet ALL the drivers behind us must be cursing us upside down.

I told dearie, “you want to be Mr Nice Guy, also must see situation. You are obviously pressed for time. We waited very long and SO ARE THE 5 CARS BEHIND! You want to be nice to that obasan, can you at least be FAIR to the 5 drivers behind too, who waited MUCH longer than that obasan?”

1 good thing about Ad is, despite allllll his faults, he stayed quiet and let me KP. After another 15minutes, which is close to 1hour, we were only JUST nearing the “roundabout” which winds down the storeys. Ad then postponed his appointment and he drove upwards to level 7. We went back Vivo, grabbed a steak set at Terra Cafe and settled for Ice Age 3 in 3D at 11.20pm.

From the way the jam looked, it’s impossible to even reach level 1 in less than 2hours. “And dont forget the petrol lor,” I reminded dearie. Waste time cum oil. I already hinted him to postpone the appointment till tomorrow already after 20 minutes of waiting but HE JUST COULDNT GET IT until 1 hour later.

Tian ahhhhhhh

But surprisingly, he managed to cool me down after sometime after my “explosion”, saying by letting that fat obasan cut the Q, it’s a blessing in disguise.

I looked at him with narrowed eyes, menacingly until he explained, “if we didnt let her, we will be the one driving into the “roundabout” already and would probably be stucked inside there for more than 2 hours and cant get out already!”

*rollz eyes* True lah. So Mt Fuji finally cooled down.

We shopped abit at a few remaining shops before he irritated me AGAIN by kept asking me whether did he locked his car.

*breathe deeply*

How the hell I know?! I mean, he MUST have locked his car, it’s a reflex action to lock the car by remote everytime we came out but he always double check the car doors. Perhaps he forgot whether he did and kept bugging me!

“You’re very irritating leh!! Go and check lah if you want and stop bothering me!”

So he went all the way back, took the lift, check the car-door and came back again. You say lah, got people so blur or not?

And amazing thing was, after he’s back, we still can sit down and have a steak set as per nothing was amiss, laughed heartily and was endearing as a newly wedded couple. He was deadbeat after the movie and I gave him a massage before he slept.

Sometimes I also dont understand myself. Perhaps this is love. True love~

But really, I hope he’s less nice and be more manly and assertive. I dont like the way like I’m the one protective of him and not him protecting me. I’m supposed to be the female leh.


One Response to Maybe it’s true love

  1. RaiN says:

    Aww… Despite all the frustrations stated initially, I still think this entry is so sweet lor. So envious 🙂

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