Im just so fcuking suay

Sigh. I just cant help feeling bad things always happen on me.

I had Chapter 2’s haircut and treatment voucher from Huey but I was too lazy to go all the way downtown. Hence, I thought I’ll just get a simple trim just at nearby central. Since the vouchers got no expiry date, they can wait.

What I didnt expect was how f*cked up the a trim can turn out to be. Just a trim only mah. Tamade, that jerk trimmed off 2 inches from my head. He understand the word of “trim” or not?! Not only so, I dont know how the fcuk he trimmed my fridge until the left side left a thick, short bunch of hair which unstylishly jutted out when I tied up my hair in a ponytail.

My mummy alsoooo very funnyyyy lor.

“Girl, you cut Japanese style ah?”


I can literally feeellll steam rising out from my head.

Getting married in a month’s time. How can I going to have enough time for it to grow out? =~( Really feel like crying liao.

Yewtee central. Kelly’s Salon. Marcus. I’ll remember you asshole.


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