Naggy dearie

I’m loving my new room now! No matter day or night, sunny hot day or breezy cold day. Because I got us a standing POWER FAN from SONA! It only costs $79.90 from Courts and I’m very sure it generates cooler and and is way powerful than most within this price range. The blades seemed flimsy when we were fixing it because they were of aluminum but underestimate them! Now, on cooler days or nights, we need blankets. It’s AWESOME! Love it!

Since our room is going to be the living room after we move out around 6months time, we reckon it’s isnt worth it to install an aircon.

Movie title: Ice Age 3
Ratings: 4.7/5
Comments: Love it. Very funny, especially towards the lower half. Too bad we didnt watch it in 3D, I didnt know there is. Arggghhh and now we want to watch it in 3D. Just have to find time to go town because only available down town.

Movie title: Obsessed
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: It’s not bad as a thriller though the plot is a little weak. I actually find the male lead pretty erm, charming. Which I seldom feel so with negros, no offence whatsoever. The obsessed women was gorgeous too even beside Beyonce. Didnt seem to see her around before. Her name doesnt quite suit her looks, Ali Larter. Shouldnt be pronounced as Ally as in Allison. She’s so hot! Alot of eye candies in this show. Haha. Too bad, too little steamy scenes. HAHA.

Just a short update because I’m off to watch my 肥田喜事 on Pipi. It’s a very sweet and funny show!

Yesterday went ARENA with Jy, Iv, Jov and 2 other friends. It was ARENA’s 2nd anniversary party and entry is by invitation. Jy got tickets, so jio us go. It started as early as 8pm. It’s pretty good with buffet, free flow drinks with live performances. They are good. Saw K and his friends and said hi. Too bad T was not there.

Our group played games as usual and drank much. In the middle of it, I suddenly felt my feet got wet. So weird, but I thought maybe someone spilled drinks on my feet accidentally so I taught naught of it. But after 1hr or so, I felt another cold splash on my feet. Tamade lor. Impossible another accident, where got so qiao always kanna my feet? But I really dont know who did it. Exasperated, I grabbed a stranger who was the nearest and asked him bluntly, “Did you just splash drinks on my feet?”

Guess what?

He said, “YEAH, I DID!”

Wah! I felt soOoo incredulous that I didnt know how to react. But anyway, this has got to be an eye opener. Talk about “picking-up lines”. This is a pick-up stance; throwing drinks on people’s feet. =.= Swearing under my breath, I excused myself to the ladies to wash my feet while Iv helped me to “revenge” by forcing that guy to drink. Tamade.

I didnt know how…but I simply got drunk at around 12+am. SO embarrassing. I think the vodka, whiskey, and red wine all rushed to my brain. Jov was very nice to take care of me and even offered to send me home but I dont wish to spoil her night so asked dearie to come fetch me since it’s around 12+am only. We usually slept much later.

And as predicted lor, got a scolding from dearie. I know he’s concerned about me but it’s not as if I always get drunk mah. Sigh. I just dont like him to nag me. Heng he didnt nag very long. But I think, in future, I wont ask him to come fetch me no matter how drunk I am already. UNLESS he stops nagging me. I shall stay out till very very late like 5am where he must be asleep then I crept back home. Humph!

Happy birthday Ta and Ce!!

And I love you dear~


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