1st fengshui audit

Master Chang has finally finished auditing our house’s fengshui. I’m already mentally prepared for whatever he’s gonna say as well as financially prepared they are going to be minor changes in the house. I think that’s inevitable, considering the bad shape of my house, a.k.a, mirrors everywhere.

What I wasnt prepared was the verdict which was given by Master Chang, that I’m not suitable to reside in my current room, AT ALL. He advised me to change room.

The corner room? No.

The master room??!! No.

The living room???!!!

You got it.

You cant imagine the shock on my face. I had that expression way back when mum proposed the same thing. After Master Chang said that, mummy then confided that she can sensed that I always fall sick and she feel the living room will be better for me. Of course I shrugged it off, saying it’s ridiculous to take living room as a room, especially when our living room is pretty big(in my standards). And then, she proposed her master bedroom to trade with my tiny little room. Of course I shaked my head violently.

How can I usurp the master room from my mother? How can I? I refused, up till now. When Master Chang, in one way or other, confided that I ought to shift out from my room asap. How would you describe this, when he had actually left my house after calculating an auspicious day in Jul for me to AN my new bed cum shift, and then suddenly U-turn back to tell me, “I think you better sleep in the living room than your current room, until the new bed frame comes.’


Is it really thattttt bad?

Well, I mean I got lots of “encounter” in that room before but that’s many years ago. I shant describe too much but let’s just say…….it’s okie now lah…and I’m pretty used to the dimness of my room. Lights had to be on all the time if I’m awake. This is 1 big taboo of rooms, basic knowledge; rooms MUST be bright.

In short, he mentioned that even the aircon location is not good. *mouth agape* I was thinking even if I want to shift the aircon is also not easy manz. But that was like BEFORE he encouraged me to shift into the living room. He mentioned my current room is not suitable for humans to sleep, especially women because it’s very “yin”. For guys, not that bad, but cannot on the aircon. It’s not good for health. The bad location for aircon only remains till 14th Feb 2010. Valentines day? I didnt ask much, perhaps it’s the calculation of the “new year” bah.

Anyway for such a MAJOR operation, I consulted dearie, brothers and of course my dear mother. I’m actually quite half-hearted about it. In a way, I believe what he said. But in another way, IT’S ALOT OF HASSLE LEH! Xiang was not around. Wei was dubious about transforming the living room into a bedroom though he said he was fine with any arrangements. While mum……..

I can describe her as “raising both hands in agreement”.


And off her goes…”theereeee I told you long ago to make the living room as your temporary bedroom for the wedding liao before you all shift. It’s big, spacious and bright bla bla bla.”

I was very appreciative of that. While I was reluctant to do the shift, saying we’re only staying till the end of this year, Master Chang said, this year is not to be trifled with, especially health wise. Coincidentally…this was what I heard from another fengshui advocate in a forum. Seeing how H1N1 has turned for the worse…I had little choice but to believe. Even if all this hoohaa is only for the duration of half a year. After which, everything will resume back to normal.

So I began preparing for the mega shift. Although it doesnt include all the stuff, there were a mountain of stuff to shift…especially my big ass wardrobe, bed etc. Chang will be arranging a date for us to AN our new bed. Besides that, I got to mask all the mirrors in the living room and the mirrors of my wardrobe. Woah! Which is not easy lor. I’m never good with lines and scissors and god damn, it’s so difficult to get a straight rectangle Huh!?

New curtains too, $69. Plus all the masking, double-sided tape, etc, I think we spent less than a hundred. Hmm…still sounds like a lot especially when the audit costs $485. However, our new house will costs much cheaper, $359 as it’s the second house. Well hopefully, the audit does serves some positive changes. Then we will continue the second audit which wont come so soon. Oh my god…I just remembered he said we need to shift the altar position too. But he will give us the date later. Dont know how much that minor shift gonna costs us again.

Shall review after 3 months if my health and other areas improves. =P

Yesterday(tues), we finally shifted all our stuff. I cant remember the last time I worked so hard and so much on manual labour. It resulted in serious muscular cramps in both arms and legs. *wails* They’re really painful. With every step I took, even my poor car-cheng also tremble in pain. *boowoo* I was supposed to rest at home but Rain asked about the fixed deposit product which I mentioned to her. Since dearie going Bt panjang for work, I decided to call Rain and see if she wanna meet since dearie can chauffeur me. At least it’s not so painful to walk that much a distance.

Who knows rain started to tell me excitedly about a lobang which got us both so excited and cheong down to Orchard. We totally forgot about the business portion till she fetched me back home. The lobang was about a x0% off G****’s bags lah. I know this news will make all G’s fans crazy and in order not to be bomb by all friends, relatives, colleagues, I’ve decided to be discreet for her convenience and also her friend’s safety.

Anyway in the end, I didnt see anything I like in the boutique and I’m told they dont do custom orders. Okie lor…actually I like the pink guccissima leather series, but they’re out of stock because they’re on a 30% sale. &^%$#@#$%^

Rain saw 2 which she liked though and she’s probably going to buy them. First time I sat in her car. When she cruised into the roundabout in her flashy red Honda, I simply burst out laughing. Because her 2 spotlights(ahem no pun intended), I mean, her 2 HAZARD lights were blinking like the Christmas lights, attracting all the attention. Damn funny lah! Then I told her she most probably to forgot to turn it off. Haha.

All in all she’s a competent driver, considering she got her license not long. And I learnt something new from her. That is engaging the N(neutral) gear during braking or winding down a slope can actually save petrol costs. I can actually tell that to dearie but most probably he wont and cant get used to changing different gears lah. That will probably increase the risk of us getting into accidents. =P

Dearie said after being with me, he has became more superstitious, thanks to me. What lah…I’m just…careful.


Dear Phy and bf is coming to my wedding! So happy. =) Initially thought she ignored me in facebook, so sad. =( But it was an untimely misunderstanding. I actually thought her bf look abit like JJ’s brother…hmmm….whose brother has the same name! Well well, the truth will be out soon. Hee. Singapore so small.

Just finished watching “Rosy Business”, hongkong tvb drama. At first I was pretty skeptical of the weak cast(to me lah). I’m simply toooo used to the huge strong cast after “Gem of Life”, “moonlight resonance” and “drive of life”. But all this doesnt prove a strong and huge cast is needed for excellent drama. “Rosy business” is unlike most HK tvb drams which focus too much on family ties. I dont mean “rosy” dont focus on that, but they’re more of a macro than micro perspective, showing how a mere women in olden times stand up against the odds to vie for a better living for all the folks which is so admirable. Sheren and Wayne did a real good job. This show is definitely worth watching. Much more than “Moonlight”, which was a teeny ridiculous to me. Because I cant understand why everytime 2 person or rather 2 families after staging huge war days ago, can suddenly sit down and greet each other as if nothing happen. Shen jing bing….

Then they can “war” and “hi”, “war” and “hi” for dozens of times as if machiam having dinner.

Husband and Wife war
1st war: Husband got affair and want divorce
2nd war: After divorce, fought custody for the all kids
3rd war: Husband vie for the family business brand name left behind by wife’s father.

Sisters’ war
1st war: Forcing dad to disown sister, saying she’s not of real flesh and blood
2nd war: Vie over the whole business of sister, despite she is the founder
3rd war: Collude with own daughter, lie and accuse sister’s daughter

And most are gigantic “wars” to me lor(you’ll know what I meant if you watched the show”. If me, after 1 major war, dont expect me to even say “hi” again. It’s impossible.

Guess what? The ending made it so that the sisters are still very loving sisters after everything, and the bastard husband was finally touched by all the things the ex-wife done and wanted to be back with her.

In drama, yes la.

Real life? I haven seen such a stupid, modern(not the old times ladies la) women before. Better dont let me see it. Smack her till she knows. =P


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  1. RaiN says:

    wahahaha, no lah, I turned on my hazard light when I was waiting for you along the main road outside.
    Then… I spotted you inside… and got sooOOOooo excited, I just turn straight in lor.

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