New Bed Frame

Viy has received our cute “just married” carplate back from MA.


We finally decided on the “Precious Moment” template. Call me niao or what lah. By ordering in RM and having it couriered to Viy’s house, we saved S$20 after the currency conversion. I paid S$45 for the carplate instead of S$65 if I were to pay in S$ and have it couriered to Sg instead. It also might be my luck that Viy planned to go back MA during this period which makes everything falls into place. I just have to meet her soon to collect.

Initially I shortlisted 3 of my favourite designs among the dozens I liked and emailed to dearie for his perusal while secretly hoping the “precious moment” is his choice. Dang dang! First time we chose the same design. Usually we have totally opposite tastes. Like whenever he wants to show me a clip or video or song, I will just say “forget it. Those you like one, I most probably wont.” It’s not till the 5th or 6th time that he finally gave up and stop showing me stuff. That’s because the last time he did, I did not even twitch a muscle when he’s laughing like mad at some…corny, male video about a guy mimicking George Bush or something.

If you find weird that I email him when we’re staying together, it’s not really so. Emails are clear-cut and are a form of records. Especially when most of my wedding stuff orders are via emails. At the same time while I’m inquiring or ordering via emails, it’s more convenient to email him and let him think for his answer instead of calling him when he’s not around. Naturally if he’s around I will ask him directly.

I still feel pretty sick today so was unable to go for appointments as well as reject a mahjiong session TWICE for 2 days straight. Damn the doctor! Overcharged me at $48 with 6 miserable lozenges(they’re strepsils, think I dont know meh), 1 bottle of cough medicine and 30tabs of antibiotics. Okie and 1 MC. WTF? And 2 days had passed and I haven seen any improvement. Gonna catch Dr Tan later in the afternoon after the fengshui audit. I will give a review much later.

The day before, before we settled for the movie “Ghosts of girlfriends’ past”, we shopped around Causeway point. And we did something which I never expect we’ll do; that is buying a bed frame before the house is even ready.

There are a few reasons. The main reason was that the bedframe was fucking cheap! Only $528nett(without mattress) including delivery etc. The company is HECOM and is under Seahorse. So far I’m very satisfied with their services as well as products. I love their memory foam mattress which I’m currently lying on now. Its costs $600 only for a Queen size and so far, there has been no regrets. It’s very comfortable and always give me troubles waking up on time. In fact, it’s one of the great deals which we got.

For our newly bought bed frame, it has a comfortable cushioned head board upholstered in genuine italy leather(so it says) and comes with a 17inch deep storage. Wow! I told dearie we can even hide 8 bodies inside. LOL. And this is 1 purchase which I know we will not regret. It’s too fucking cheap liao, accompanied by quality and practicality. The headboard design is not overly gorgeous, just simple and cosy. Most storage beds come with maximum 12 inch depth only and will cost $1100 and above. I can definitely use the extra room for all my barang barang. Yeah, though it makes the entire bed look pretty high-and-mighty. Dearie even commented, “you better check and see whether you can reach up or not.” Grrrrrr!

There was also this cute 2 seater mini sofa selling at $128. White leather and extremely comfortable. So tempted to take it! But better not. I have to keep remind myself that I dont have much space for anything now! As for the bedframe, yeah, I have to dump the old one away to make way for the new one. I will miss it, I know I has been 12years! It still look very pretty to me despite some gold plating has eroded. Its a brass metal bedding by the way.

Delivery wont be so soon, around Jul or even Aug. Have to depend on the An Chuang date which Master Chang will be giving us. It’s also good if we can have a brand new bed with mattress to an chuang. Dearie has always complain about the squeaking of my current bed. I dont understand why! Initially we thought it’s the mattress and now we know it’s not. And the squeaky noises are not because we’re doing monkey business okie. 😛

Also, I came across this wonderful place which sells gorgeous french furniture at wholesale prices. Gonna take a look this weekend. Damn..I had a feeling I will buy something back…and replace item by item from my room. Although it’s feasible as I can always transport my furniture to the new house when it’s ready, we prefer not to. Because wait the new house dont have a feeling of being a new house because we had grown accustomed to all the new furniture, which might sit in my room for around 6months!

If I can choose, I will hope I can have my new house ASAP. But it’s difficult…

I just hope I stop seeing great stuff at great prices from now till Oct..

This afternoon we also went IMM NewImage to see our edited pictures. Indeed almost all of the unsightly bulging bah bah were being photoshopped off. Bleah…Kinda kelong..but…I cant possibly say no right. No one in the right mind will. It’s ultimately, some photo album which you will (hopefully) take once in a lifetime and which you insanely spent few thousands on. I wont post them here guys can see the real album and photo montage on the actual wedding day. No peeking. =)

Vickki’s ear infection, rashes and scratching has indeed improved alot. Despite how shag I was after the trip to IMM, I had to bathe her. She still needs oral medicine and ear drops twice everyday. And before ear drops, I need to clean her ear. The pills, I need to shove them down her throat else she will spit out. For the past few days, she can only take 1 type of food so as to determine what causes the allergy. Poor thing. I was so busy that I dont have much time to spend with her.

Just now, she was probably feeling..unloved. And she barked. Usually when she barked in the room, it’s because she wanna get out to pee or go to the living room to find my brother. But just now, she dont want to leave my room and stubbornly stood rooted to the ground in my room. Hmm….so I scooped her up and laid her on my lap, slowly sayang her. Oh..She just wants some pampering.

If I sound surprised, it’s becauseee, I’m reallllyyyy surprised. You know why. It’s because Vickki is not like any typical dog. She’s like…she’s pretty much like me. She dont whine or even “teh” often. She doesnt stay in your laps for long, and will wriggle out after max 3minutes, just so to find something more entertaining and fun. She dont seem to possess even a tiny bit of feminism. Independence and headstrong is what she’s made of.

The only time I heard her whine was after her neuter operation and it was only because dearie tugged at her wound when he tried to carry her. She did not whine 1 bit all the way when I bought her back from the vet. And tonight, it’s one of the rare occasions that she willingly lies on my lap and let me sayang to sleep. I must have really really neglected her. Lately bro Xiang had reservist so he hardly play with her too and no wonder. Xiang and me were the only ones whom she’s close with. She dont really bother about dearie nor my other bro Wei. Perhaps she can sense they dont love her much.

I must really get well soon. I have like 36 to-dos in my list. 36!!!

3 Responses to New Bed Frame

  1. ★ p h y l l i s ★ says:

    hi fion..

    i am really really sorry that i took so long to reply you because that my internet connection is down. By the time I want to reply you, I realised that FB doesnt allow me to reply which I dont know why. LOL. really sorry about it. Anyway, I have no hard feelings or so towards you despite the past about the conflicts you have with Hubert.. no worries about it as you know I always have a neutral stand. =) To me, you are still my friend! Therefore, I am more than happy to attend your wedding and really happy for you that you finally tie the knot with your love one. =)

    I tried to text you but I think you changed your number because there was no reply. My number is 94522020. Can you text me once you see this comment?

    I am not sure if you have printed your wedding invites. If so, then it’s alright and hope to catch up with u sometime but if not, you may include me in your list. =) Oh ya, I wonder if I can bring my bf along (if possible,lol)

    Hope to hear from you soon and enjoy the process of everything ya! Wish you a blissful marriage.


    • Chilli Padi says:

      Wow! This has been a pleasant surprise! After being disappointed for more than weeks ago. =)
      I’m glad we dont have ill feelings because it will be a pity if our friendship is spoilt over something so minor. =D
      I haven print my invites yet. Tons of things to do! Got new bf liao ah? Lol. Good to know that. Happy for you too! Hope this new boy will treat you much much better than you well deserved. *smilez* Sure, bring your bf, I would like to see him too. Haha. We can always catch up via clubbing and drinking. No problem. Just that I’m very very busy these days for all the wedding preps. Hmm Will sms you soon, hope your flights schedule and my schedule wont clash. Keep in touch ya!


  2. siewlin says:

    eh… the carplate looks very nice!!

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