I’m really pretty sick yesterday. Besides sorethroat and cough, a new member joined; Miss Running Nose. I was sneezing like mad when I was talking to 2 friends cum clients. It ended as late as midnight where I rushed to meet Eil at Yewtee to return her the uniforms which I loaned from her for the stupid, disgusting buffet at M hotel. Upon reaching Xinwang HK cafe, I digged into my dinner-cum-supper; century egg congee and dian xin, har gao(prawn dumpling) because I was so damn hungry.

Rain, that’s why replied you late.

Sigh Really felt like dying yesterday. I haven been this sick for very long though minor illness still bothers me time to time. Heard many people said having mirrors reflecting the bed is not a good thing. Will affect health bla bla. Hopefully the fengshui audit on Monday can improve all this. Though I know my own maintenance of health is also important lah.

I almost bought a dress from SL’s blogshop, http://ilovebeingreal.wordpress.com/. But because Dressy hounds is only available in 1 piece and it has been taken. =( Nevermind, I’ll wait for the 2nd collection which will be coming in end Jun or early July. I will show my support de!

SL is very sweet to offer me discount on my purchase but I declined. Duhz, give me discount then she earn what right? Nono. She definitely deserve all those earnings as she has taken effort to contact supplier and hire photographer at a cost to take nice, bright pictures by modeling the clothes herself so that they’re true to pictures. And also the set-up of her blog which obviously took alot of time and effort.

On a side note, I also dislike friends who bargain for rebates when they buy policies from friends who are their agents or try to negotiate for free gifts. I mean, it’s so unglam. Most of the time, I will give a treat, dinner or lunch in appreciation for friends’ business. You dont have to ask, I will auto one. In some way or other, I will express my gratitude and appreciation but it’s not in the way of rebates. Not many people know that is actually illegal in our line of business. YES. Giving rebates to solicit business is ILLEGAL in the insurance industry.

I think somehow these kind of people just exists, especially in Singapore. But fortunately, dearie and I dont have alot of these friends.

Back to topic about blogshops. Some people merely ordered them from other taiwan websites, plucked THEIR pictures, plucked THEIR dimensions and simply put a BIGGER price tag on their blog and attempt to sell away at a much higher profit. To each his own la but I’m really not a fan of such blogshops. Because most of the times, products are not true to their highly-processed pictures.

I truly feel SL deserves what she’s getting. Her prices are very reasonable so I also hope whoever is buying from her dont expect discount just because they’re her friends. I know the feeling, so well. Especially when I feel effort is equivalent to rewards. We did put in effort(see my sorethroat and you’ll know. =P) We deserves it. =)


4 Responses to Effort=rewards

  1. RaiN says:

    Girl, you feeling better?

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    Saw another doc yesterday. Ya slightly better..actually if I rest more will heal faster. But too many things to do. =( Thanks girl. You take care too, you have even more hectic school+work schedule than me.

  3. ilovebeingreal says:

    omg…. thanks fion! u so sweet la!! ;p

  4. siewlin says:

    oppps sorrie i forgot to log out in the previous comment ;p i not doing advertising ar….. hehe..

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