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Still very busy. Vickki’s ear infection has got so serious that she has scratched till there’s a patch of hair missing at her ear. She also has rashes all over. So I hurried her to The Joyous Vet at CCK. Dr Grace Heng is as busy as usual, so it’s difficult to book her to see Vickki within few days. Thus we saw another vet, Dr Jasmine Tan, who is also very sweet.

We dont know whether it’s an environmental or food allergy but Dr Jasmine guessed it should be food allergy. Thus she gave Vickki new food from Science Diet and said she is not to have other food for monitoring. Ear drops as well as 2 types of medicine were given. Total damage: $149.

Hope she get well soon.

Things done
-computer drawing of new house (anyone interested just msn or facebook me to show you. =) Otherwise my very private and fierce husband will scold me for putting it online. =~(
-angbao box
-decorated pens for signage
-most of Guo Da Li items
-confirmation of most banquet guests
-wedding “just married” carplate made in MA.(Viy helping me to take it back. Thanks so much girl!)
-wedding schedule and jiemei schedule

Things pending on hand
-Printing of wedding invites
-Confirmation of ballroom theme deco with florist
-Confirmation of wedding cupcakes
-Wedding photoshoot album design

Things coming up
-current house fengshui audit
-budget schedule for home reno
-sourcing reno ideas/brands/contractors etc
-getting brown pants for FIL to wear on AD (we bought a nice brown, smart jacket from Domanchi)

I still dont have any ideas for jiemei dressing theme. Kel asked me dont take pink because she dont have pink dresses. I feel pink kinda common..but really not much ideas. Difficult to plan lor.


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