JI rocks!

So busy. Now then got time to pen an entry. Wow it has been 6 days since my last.

Movie title: Terminator
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: I almost forgotten I watched this show. I mean, it’s okie lo.

Movie Title: Pelham 123
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: Bearable, but can give it a miss. The plot is oh-so-boring and it’s just not exciting enough. Especially you only see like only 2 guys acting. Somemore most of the dialogue were on the phone! Or PA system to be exact.
And the ending looks abit mo ming qi miao to me…as if John Travolta is crazy. Maybe he is.

Movie title: Drag me to hell
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: This is one hell of a horror movie. It’s not horrifying but it’s very thrilling! It’s like a comedy too. Though the ending is sad.

Saturday met up with my dear JI mates whom I haven seen for a long time. They are still looking great, still as youthful! Think I’m the only one who has aged. Haiz. We, the 4 girls, Jas, Jes, SL and me had dinner at Shokudo Cine when we’re not very hungry. But somehow we managed to finish our food. I had a salad though. Then we popped over to Ice Cold beer to have some drinks. Thank god we reached early, that’s why got seats. Thereafter, Rob joined too. I had hoegarden and house red, SL 2 house red, Jas barcardi peach and Jes house red too. Rob had a belgium beer, forgotten what though.

We had alot of fun, mainly reminiscing and updating on what we’re doing currently. Mostly, it’s Jes, SL and me yakking away. Jas is still as quiet. Haha. Rob is still as well-mannered as before. Though dont see him look guai guai like that, his tongue can become quite sharp when trifled with wor. I’m getting excited already for our next meeting scheduled in July and hopefully this time we can get all the absentees to come, like Sha, Est, Lax etc. =)

And guessed who I bumped into there? Kat! And she told me she’s dating! So happy for her. She has like rejected dozens of guys because her standards are so high. Finally there’s 1 who fits the bill and Im anxious to see her boy. Not much I can comment since it’s only a short briefing! But he look pretty young and good-looking. He asked me to guess how old he is. I said 25 when he’s actually 31. I know very well he couldnt be 25 lah as Kat is 29. But he really look very boy leh. =.= But thank god Kat look young too! So they still look very compatible. The group consisted of some girls too who dont seem friendly, not even to Kat. Lol. I’m not surprised though. Especially after I knew those girlfriends are friends of her bf. Haha.

After Ice Cold Beer, Jes proposed Dempsy as she’s meeting friends there and she urged us to join. We did, but I’m pretty disappointed when it doesnt turn out to be much fun at Wine Company. The chicken wings were bland, what a disappointment. It affected my whole mood. Chicken wings are very important ok! Therefore Rob left early, as he has a morning run scheduled. SL toppled her red wine which is sheer bad luck. I can see that she and Jas much preferred to go home already. Me too actually..so I called dearie asking whether he can fetch us. Because dempsy is hardly the most accessible place in Singapore, not even with cabs. Thank god it’s not too late..like 1am when dearie reached.

I’ve forgotten my camera so no pictures for the whole gathering. =(

Then I got this horrible headache which followed me throughout the night till early morning. It all started from the Fishbone wine at Wine Company. It SUCKS!

Many many stuff. Im meeting a fengshui master soon to audit my current house. Perhaps my new house too since he’s charging cheaper for both. And ah, need to meet the hotel staff for Fairmont too.

I have so many thoughts running through my mind about the house reno. It’s so fun!

That’s all for now. Ciaoz.


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