Reviews of “Back to Recess” buffet at M

Buffet: “Back to Recess” at M hotel
Ratings: 1/10
Comments: Will never go back again.

Seriously, this is the worst buffet I have ever tasted. Not only the food sucks, even the service is nothing commendable.

The show hosted on TV was so misleading. Yes Perhaps I thought things were too good to be true and too optimistic for my own good. The so-called specials like foie gras dumpling and lobster chee cheong fan were not at all special. Foie gras chunks were overcooked and tasted like pieces of bland meat. Holy shit. What a waste of delicacy. And dont mention about the lobster chee cheong fan. The lobster stinked as if it has gone bad. I only bit once and swore that I will never touch it again. How can they serve stuff like this???

I really cant think of any nice stuff. Buffet was ready only 20minutes after we arrived. And every special dish was served at least half an hour late according to the “timetable”, limited to 1 per pax. Worse still, we couldnt get to taste the Peking Duck Quesadilla Scroll when we asked about it. The waitress got the cheek to tell me they have run out of it and didnt even apologised for it. Merely stating it in a matter-of-fact way and then left abruptly. Anyway, doubt it was anything worth mentioning.

Smoked salmon was wayyyy too salty. Crayfish and prawn were not especially fresh and bland but at least they were not stale. Even the icecream are cheap icecream. Desserts were so-so. The nicest dish was probably the rolled crepe with mango. The mango pudding sucks. Omg…what the hell is the chef doing? Almost all the dishes were worse than average. And they dared to charge a $48+++ for a sunday brunch. Really such audacity. We went there in school uniform and were entitled to 20% discount. Even that comes up to $90.45 for both.

Surprisingly many people turned up for the buffet not wearing uniforms. Singaporeans are really generous on food. However, I feel so sorry for them. Paying so much for lousy food.

One special touch was that few staff came around and offered us paper graduation caps. They took picture of us and set them in a cheapo paper frame. From the pictures, you can also see the cheapo setup according to the theme. M hotel…….Pui ah!


3 Responses to Reviews of “Back to Recess” buffet at M

  1. RaiN says:

    heng never go…

    But the pictures looks nice…


    you Look cute 😛

  2. RaiN says:


    No leh… I don’t think you look old. In fact… i thought it fits perfectly…

    But maybe… abit like some ITE Ah Lians *opps*

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