Haha. I’ve mistaken the date. Actually yesterday was Vickki’s birthday 8th Jun. I thought the day before was the 8th. =P

Suddenly had a overwhelming interest to read about 杜十娘’s story. I first know about the story in the movie starred by Michelle Reis and Daniel Wu. Charming..but also sad. It was really a movie which will hold you deep in thought after it.. Despite every controversial sayings, I still feel 李甲 was a ungrateful bastard and deserved his retribution.

Upon some google search, I got to know some enchanting stories which evolves around the famous 中国古代十大名妓. I dont know if the link can work because there are chinese words in there. In any case, you can copy the chinese words and do a search. All of them had enchanting stories…but mostly dont have happy ending.


这些貌美而薄命的女子,她们从来不入正史的法眼,但是在历代的野史稗纪中中,她们留下了流光溢彩的一笔,以多情、侠义、温柔缱娟、充满灵性的生命姿态,为我们这个民族增添了另外一道多姿多彩的历史符号。这 就是名妓艳史。

* • 花开堪折的杜秋娘
* • 花蕊夫人:被赵光义一箭射死
* • 白居易逼死关盼盼
* • 王翠翘以情抗倭寇
* • 玉堂春尽又逢君
* • 西湖边上一夜情-柳子华
* • 苏东坡的患难知己王朝云
* • 因嫉妒偷情折命的鱼玄机
* • 迷住宋徽宗的李师师
* • 杜十娘怒沉百宝箱

Among them, not all sold their bodies. But they’re being termed the same way, as “artistes”. I’ve only heard about 杜十娘, 李师师 and 王朝云 before these. Most are enchanting stories which you cant help falling a few years…But I felt the saddest for 杜十娘. =~( To have the person she loved sold her away to another as wife for money.

It was really an eye opener. Who says all 婊子无情,戏子无义? I haven read about very faithful guys, only about faithful girls. In the past, most prostitutes landed up in brothels because of their pitiful backgrounds. So poor thing.

I love reading chinese history stories. =) Next up, 古代美女. Heez


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