Vickki turned 2 years old!

Woah! I’m really getting damn pissed with all the spam emails I’m getting everyday. EVERYDAY. At least 3 per day, most of them selling clothes. I think they got my email when I ordered on livejournal with my email, which is compulsory.

Feel like changing a new email but damn I’m already so used to this email, and it’s for my work too. I can only add these irritating bunch of people into my filter everyday. Wonder will the filter “burst” 1 day.

Yesterday(like 6 hours ago) was Vickki’s Birthday!! She is officially 2 years old now. Still as guai lan like me but undeniably adorable(not like me). Everyone still loves her. However I always say, “If you’re not that cute, you probably cant survive till this day.” And everyone agrees with me! That shows how naughty she really is!

I brought her out for walks sometimes and she always attract so much attention, more so that it’s owner. Ahem, that’s pretty humiliating. There was once which was so funny. Dearie and I brought her downstairs pasa malum walk walk. And while walking through the carpark, there was another owner, an auntie holding on to her male shi tzu. We were walking towards each other in the opposite direction but that male shih tzu couldnt tear his eyes off my Vickki and began to chase towards us.

Despite his bigger size, he doesnt look fierce. And I laughed out loud while slowing down. And the auntie also let him come forward so that they can be friends! So I thought it’s a good idea because Vickki got no friends. On the other hand, I was worried Vickki might bite Ricky( also sound the same) if he gets too pestering. But heng she did not. I was chatting amiably with the auntie, JJ about both our dogs as well as the one she previously owned. Aiyo, then her eyes began to look glassy when she mentioned about how it had left her.

Sigh…ya…that’s what dog owners need to prep themselves with…the ultimatum that their beloved pets will have..and the emotional trauma. That’s why Dearie strongly objected to my rearing of Vickki and he always make it a point not to get too close to her, emotionally. Because he dont want to be too emotionally entangled.

And while we’re chatting with dearie getting bored, Vickki and Ricky were sniffing each other but Vickki seemed to lose interest very quickly and started to lead me back the direction we were going. Lol. And Ricky wants to follow, fiercely. Even with JJ holding on, he seemed determined. Haha But we were tired standing all through the conversation so we said our goodbyes. So proud that I still remember her name but most probably she cant remember mine. Haha.

I should have post a picture of Vickki here but erm it’s difficult to grope in the dark now. I shall post 3 pics which was taken before. Though her haircut looks more than the last 2 pics.

DSC02900 [Sony PSP] [Sony PSP]



Love ya!


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