My Saturday

Yesterday met up with Huey for dinner at PS. We went Tea Cosy at level 5. I had a set dinner while she had Decadent salad. I love her salad more than mine because the ingredients were pretty substantial, with 5 big prawns and chunks of foie gras. Mine was a grilled dory fish fillet, with mushroom soup and mini tart with icecream as dessert. And it was Huey’s treat. Thank you so much. She refused to accept my money and said she can eat her fill at my chalet too. Haha Ok lor.

PS was hoarded with people, especially in the newly opened E’TUDE house at Basement 1. It should be the 1st store in Singapore and there was a big hoohaa over it. I love E’TUDE, the products are pretty good, except the eye makeup remover, which stings big time. However, I like the pricing in Korea better. Anyway, it will be my next fave beside The Face Shop.

Huey also gave me a voucher for free haircut and treatment to prep myself for the big day. Yay! I do need a haircut..I look like ghost these days because the hair is getting longer and longer. The kind of length where you will wake up in the middle of the night wondering who is strangling you to death by pulling a rope against your neck. Yeah, it’s the damn hair. And nowadays, I sleep with a loose ponytail to counter that problem, it’s also cooler.

We didnt really shop much. But I suddenly remembered we can go Carrefour to look at the wines. Too bad the wine fair had just ended. Nevertheless,we saw few good wines selling at affordable prices. And I finally found Lindeman’s wines and we got it all delivered to my house today. Thanks to Huey’s card, got extra 5% rebates. But hor, I suddenly realised the ones I bought is different from the ones Rain, Jas and me had at Red Mansion. =(

Nahz…anyway…hope the same brand wont be too far off.

Today I realised another friend didnt get my wedding invitation SMS. Arrghhh…think I got to call to make sure again soon.

Very excited about tomorrow’s buffet because dearie and me finally found school uniforms. All thanks to Eil. She borrowed from her cousins for me. So sweet of her. Anyway, the buffet BETTER BE GOOD MANZ! To make the 2 old uncle and auntie to come in uniforms! But kinda think of it, also quite cute and fun lah. We will bring camera to take pictures and make you all puke. Haha. Perhaps we should match with a thick black-framed glasses, wear plaits etc. Muahahaha Kidding. Not that adventurous or BHB. I just want the bloody 20% discount. And still, THE FOOD BETTER BE GOOD! Looking forward to the scallops, lobsters and foie gras. =D

Movie title: Monsters VS Aliens(3D)
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: It was our first time watching a 3D movie despite it being an animation. In the beginning was all the oOohs and ahHhhs. Hahaha damn sua-gu. The effects were all very nice! I find it not hilarious enough..but still pretty interesting. 3D effect is the way manz!!!

Tracy, my videographer, also Huey’s friend is hospitalised. =( God bless her. Get well soon! Will probably visit her with Huey after she discharged because I avoid going hospital as I’m getting married in 2months time.


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