Troublesome hubby

We haven actually plan where to go for honeymoon despite many concerned friends have expressed their interest. Because you see, it’s really quite difficult to plan because I have a troublesome husband. =P You will see why.

Shopping Paradises?
Countries like Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Bangkok are few of the common shopping paradises. But apart from the reason that we had already visited them(some more than once), another reason is Ad dont really like shopping. He’s not the kind of vain guy who buys alot of things, not even when they’re dirt cheap and not even when he’s on tour. Usually during tours, he ends up buying more stuff for his family and clients instead of himself. Yeah, so be his client very good. Haha!

Beach Paradises?

He’s a fan of scenic places like wonderful beaches and I have proposed a few excellent locations for his perusal. Like Bali, Phuket, Phi Phi Island despite the fact that I almost dont swim, dont do water sports and simply melts in the sun. However I can sense that he’s not very interested in them. Hmm…unless I proposed Villas to tickle him. However huge villas are scary..perhaps we can find a smaller one.

Haiz..I hate myself for the fear of water and huge oceans. =~( Can I conquer the fear and try snorkelling? Even so, I have to convince him to join me first. =(

He much preferred Maldives actually. Having a nice beach in my line of sight is like dangling an ice-cream infront of me. Can see, cannot touch. And dont know why I always have the horrible image of tsunamis or sharks gobbling me up. Damn the movies and childhood experience. And if we were to spend considerably more on the Maldives beach than a Bali/Phuket/Phi-Phi beach, I’ll definitely settle for the latter because we dont do water sports like snorkelling nor diving, and he only swims. In this case, a Maldives holiday is not very worth it.

Scenic Locations
Sight-seeing locations. I’m pretty interested in scenary in China! Oriental, I like. But Ad dont like. Haiz. He prefers places like New Zealand, Perth. I’m okie with those too as the Tulip festival, wine factory are all very interesting. But after reading about them on forums, I realised it’s better to rent a car for 2-3days and drive around as advised by all. And driving can go up to 5-8hours a day if you’re keen to visit all the hotspots.


That wont do for our Mr Goh!

I can just imagine what he will say “I go holiday is want relax one leh, still want me to drive? SIAO!”


Sounds true also.


What is left???

Tamade!! Damn difficult to plan lor! And you think only girls are troublesome. =P

The only area which both of us clicked is that we both love massages. Preferably by the beach or in wonderful resorts. But, the whole massage indulgence at most take 3 hours. What should we plan after that?

We love seafood dinners though. It all seems to point towards Bintan and Batam huh…but I’m thinking of going somewhere furtherrr away from Singapore…

Haiz…where should we go……


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