What an ass~

I’m so tired from all the stuff which are pending!

1) Wine
2) Wedding cake/cupcakes
3) Father-in-law’s grey suit (either rent or buy in dearie’s size)
4) Bank Loan to settle
5) Banquet list/Seatings
6) “Just Married” carplate
7) Photo montages
8) Few Guo Da li items (basket/Martell bottles. Just bought sewing kit, fan and pyjamas today)
9) Some advance planning for hen’s night venue

Just my luck lately eh~ Besides from having extreme fatigue for all the wedding preps, I have to endure attitude replies from 2 service providers who probably think they’re too rich for my business. Haiz. Sometimes I see them I feel so sad. I feel they’re making Singapore an uglier place. We might have better cleanliness…but seriously…few have manners.

One of them is CupDivinity. Hmm they’re not really rude but just not helpful nor interested. It’s true. Privatised businesses usually have more attitudes. I’ve experienced 1st hand myself last time when I worked for an Indian lady who owned her furniture store. Those days were…..indescribable.

Anyway, perhaps I can understand Cupcakedivinity is really busy with work as indicated in their blog as to the shabby reply. But there’s always a dozen more ways to reply an email in a nicer way.

I’ve visited Pine Gardens before at their shop. They’re widely recommended in the forums for their tasty cakes and friendly pricing. And it’s evidently true when their shop is so so so crowded. Replies were short, straight-to-the-point, nevertheless, polite and helpful. =) It’s not an excuse to be rude just so you’re busy or having a bad day.

The other service provider who gave me attitude is Wine affaire(it’s spelled this way), “Your Friendly Value Added Wine Specialist. Fun, Funky, Wines, Affordable, Quality, Weddings, Events, Birthdays, Catering, Unique, Merlot, …”

*rOllz eyes* Friendly? Affordable? Bleh~ Read on~

For my email,

Do you have lindemans or watershed wines? Selling at how much per bottle? Is there a discount for 2 cartons and above? If it’s cheaper, I might buy more.

thank you


Please do understand that I wrote emails to a many at a time. I dont really have the time or bother to use proper lengthy English.

I wonder which part of my simple constructed sentence he dont understand, that he HAD to reply in this way;

“Hi Fion,

We neither carry supermarket wines nor wines in that price range.



He simply shocked me with his underlying sarcasm! You dont see this kind of people all the time you know. He’s like a super rare case of rotten apple in a big basket of fresh apples.

He must have a bad day I reckon.

I didnt even specify a price range, how would he know my price range? Hmm…perhaps I sound cheapo. Haha. I dont understand what is his problem~ Naturally bulk orders will usually warrant a discount not because it’s the way it should be. But because technically, one need not spend much more considerable effort to produce something in bulk.

For e.g, for the baking of 10 identical cookies and 50 identical cookies, the latter dont need 5times effort to produce 5times more cookies because they were being baked altogether at 1 go. Egg and batter were beaten at 1 go. Ingredients were all bought at 1 go. And they were all baked at 1 go, thus saving electricity. So it doesnt make a huge difference for 10 or 50 cookies. The costs wont be 5x the costs of baking 10 cookies. Therefore, it’s naturally cheaper to produce in bulk and hence a small(it depends) discount is always expected when you buy things in bulk.

Some people dont understand this logic. They only know they should be entitled to discount when they buy in bulk.

“you must give me discount because I buy so many.”

“Why should I give discount just because you buy so many?”

“erm…because I buy MANY mah…because this should be the way mah. Buy many confirm must give discount mah. Everyone does so!”

So in case if anyone feel paiseh when they encountered such attitude when they ask for discounts for bulk orders, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Do your reasoning. =)

But of course dont go asking for discounts on every bulk order la. There are always exceptions, like embroidery work or exclusive paintings by renowned artists or customized/made-to-order services. Those are different.

On the other hand, red wine is a very personal thing. No one should judge another based on tastes, branding or pricing. It’s each to individual. This was said by the Sommelier when G and I attended a wine appreciation course previously. He’s a Caucasian.

I seriously hope this Adrian is not a Singaporean because he will be throwing Singaporean’s face if he were to reply every enquiry the way he replied mine. And usually foreigners are the ones who order red wine in big bulk. Singaporeans usually want them for weddings only, even so, the amount is not great. Generally I feel Singaporeans are beer-drinking or Martell-drinking people.

Oh ya. Of course I replied him a short 2 sentences email “sweetly” and then blocked his contact. What a kuku to take after the same name as my impeccably mannered hubby when he has no manners to start with~ I should have asked him to change his name to something like..Anal or Anus….Bart or Boris…It suits him more. =)


I’m thinking of celebrating my 27th Birthday *haiz =( * cum Hen’s night in a chalet. Because Im thinking of inviting many friends..some of them whom I haven seen in quite some time due to our commitments but still so nice to attend my wedding. *hugs* Another important reason is…I want to BBQ! Have been lemming for the longest time! And and, I have alot of drinks and wines which I can bring to the chalet. Then dont need spend much more unreasonable costs at pubs and clubs. =) Touch wood, if I knock out, at least I can immediately sleep. HAHAHA!

Now is already JUN…I’m afraid not in time to book 9th Aug Sunday…Haiz..who ask you to be borned on such a date? Arrghhh….Any lobang please sms me. Thanks!


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