Home sweet home finally

Lately I’ve been real lax at updating my blogs. Here’s some overdue movie reviews.

Movie title: Conspiracy
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: Erm…kinda like “Eagle Eye” except less dramatic but exaggerating all the same. I asked dearie before whether it’s really possible for a computer to really act like a human, whereby the artificial intelligence is so great that it can analyze, decide, and implement all by itself. Dearie said it’s actually possible. I think so too. The lazier we humans get, the more info we feed the computer, the more control it will have. Ultimately, we must be careful not to let it override us.

Movie title: Angels & Demons
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: I’m actually not very keen on this movie till I saw Ser’s ratings. She gave 9.5/10. WOAH! I find it pretty exciting and interesting but erm, the whole movie seemed so rushed and very very simplified. It’s not intriguing enough though the plot is still engaging. I haven read the book but Ser commented the movie was a far cry from the book.

Not going to buy anymore books already since I have a bulk which I haven finished. Simply no time!

Sad to say, lately, work has not been smoothly. Mishaps again and again, I haven been this suay for quite long. I probably overreacted. Fortunately, things have quieted down and were soothed over.

Some good news then.

We have finally secured our preferred pricing for our “dream house” today by submitting the deposit by cheque. The kind seller has agreed to sell $5k below valuation. But it’s still not cheap lor to us. Factored in the downpayment, agents’ commission, stamp duty, reno and all…..it will be a 6 digit figure. =( I wont be able to really splurge for some time.

Yesterday the sellers were not around when we had our 2nd viewing as they were overseas. That’s why their agent was being so emphatic about the pricing. I feel the sellers were pretty chin chai one, especially when their valuation is going to expire in 9days. Which pretty much means, the unit was on sale for the past few months but so far no deals were closed.

I’m actually quite surprised that the seller agreed to sell under valuation because I had a feeling that the seller’s stupid agent was adamant to sell at the valuation price or higher. Yesterday we went for the second viewing and had made an offer. Oh manz, I simply cant stand the seller’s agent’s cocky attitude about how popular this unit is and so many people will be snatching this unit bla bla bla and how a previous party has offered $5K above valuation. Yayaya, then why dont you sell? “Oh because that time this unit just out of market and the seller wants to wait.”

He was soooo sure that the seller will laughed at our below valuation offer. His words still ringed in my ears. “NEVER, have I ever sell any units below valuation. Haha. This unit is…bla bla..(went to say the pros of the unit)..so many people will want to buy it if I just sell it AT the valuation price!”

I think he thought we will offer valuation price instead of below. Hello..now is buyer’s market okie~ Dont you even know this fact? Many are buying below valuation, not only us.

Of course I know that this unit is good, else we wouldnt have expressed our interest. But as I said, the price is only reasonable. However, it’s considered pretty steep for a unit in Yewtee. For that price, we can get a 5room already.

And the main reason why he’s so cocky and attitude was because our agent not familiar with the paperwork la. Everything she asked him as though she was a newbie. Wah lau damn paiseh and su1 seh3. No wonder the seller’s agent sounded so cocky and condescending to her. We’re surprised she’s not as experienced as we thought. And she totally dont know how to negotiate and bargain. *faintz* End up I have to do my own negotiation. Duhz. And I thought my working hours were over.

Dearie and mummy were not a big help lor. Dearie was mostly silent, probably already thinking on the renovations which he’s going to implement, especially on how to remove the ugly railings built by HDB.

I appreciated Mummy’s suggestions lah but most of the times, she made me very embarrassed with her ridiculous demands. Like, requesting the owner to hack away the whole kitchen for us just because we said we’re going to reno the kitchen. *faints* But even so, I was very angry when the seller’s agent was condescending to her too. We’re the buyers okie. Even my agent diam diam and dare not say anything, allowing him to talk loudy at us. TMD! Immediately I became damn “hot” and started to refute his reasons for the higher pricing.

The unit has his pros, thus he has his reasons for jacking up the price. But I also have my own reasons, the cons of the unit, for lowering the price of the unit.

First off, I jeered at his use of the unit as “Design and Built”. (I’m usually not that attitude but this was because he made me angry when he jeered my mum first)

Who cares about the “design and built”?

My own unit is also DESIGN and BUILT. Specially designed by professional designers where right after you stepped into the house, it will be the dining room and kitchen. And then a hallway which leads to the rooms and lastly, the living room right deep inside. For privacy.

BUT many people who came my house has commented my house got a very weird shape and some superstitious aunties even commented it’s bad fengsui when the living room is not infront.

Therefore, SO WHAT about Design & Built? It doesnt mean a thing to me. I must LIKE the design else it literally has zero value.

Immediately, the seller’s agent’s face darkened and he shut up.

Next up, he mentioned the existing wooden doors were of fine wood which I can continue to use or else sell away. Crazy. He seriously think I so free to help him sell away these doors and machaim so easy like that. And wood? Please lah. “To each his own.” I told him. You guys might like wood, BUT I DONT LIKE. In fact, I will hack them all away and it’s additional cost and trouble for me.

I highlighted a few more major bad points and when I finally saw his air of attitude toned down(otherwise he damn super yaya-papaya you know!), I softened my tone. And said, “we’re having our customary in AUG and we would very much to have our house by next year. You must have been tired trying to sell this house till the valuation is in the midst of expiration and so are we. We too, are tired after viewing more than 10 houses. We are also sincere to buy this flat especially when it’s near my mum’s house. But we hope you can negotiate with the owner for the pricing as we dont have CPF nor any grant.

This was where he started to ask why and my stupid agent blurted out all the info which I dont want him to know. Didnt help nevermind, still sabotage. I nearly want to strangle her.

I was very very pissed because she has disclosed very personal info to the seller’s agent, which is how much we earn! We were frank with her because she’s our agent. But we dont know she’s that frank to go tell the seller’s agent. I know she bears no evil intention but she’s really too “straight” and “innocent” liao lah. I swear smoke came out from my head when she blurted out. Sigh. I swear the seller’s agent’s eyes sparkle when he knew the main reason why we got no grant and why we have to take resale flats. Zhen shi qi si wo le! It’s more difficult to bargain!

Even if he had asked why, I can come up with a few reasons to push him off. I was pretty pissed lah. Maybe so much so my agent was afraid to call me today to inform us of the good news nor accompany us to submit the cheque. She only called dearie. We know nuts about property paperwork stuff and had to listen to that seller’s agent for whatever he said. Duhz…then I dont know I pay commission to my own agent for what, when she cant offer help when I needed her most. Really feel like cutting her commission. You know now, property agents’ commission can be negotiated. But suan le lah, she brought us view quite a few flats. Will pay for her sincerity.

Thank god, the seller is very chin chai and had agreed to our price, though dearie and me were sure their agent must have tried to pyscho him to squeeze us for higher price. I think he must have been very sian and wants to sell the unit ASAP.

The seller’s agent was more toned down already today when we submitted cheque to him though he was still bragging about what a good deal we got and how good is this unit.

Damn funny, when he was talking, I rolled my eyes and tossed a “buay tahan” look at dearie and his face actually mirrored mine. Haha. Really feel like asking that agent to shut up because it doesnt matter anymore.

Our agent only called dearie and even ask dearie to apologise to me. K lah. I might have overreacted but it’s also good if she can learn this lesson loh. Common…she’s a property agent mah. She must learn how to be in control of the conversation and situation especially when she’s the buyer’s agent. Buyers is always bigger. And I hope she familiarize herself with the paper work and procedures lah. Everything is I check or I ask. Then also dont know how to negotiate or bargain. Really no confidence in her lo. Soft soft like that, kanna eaten lah.

God bless us all!!


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