It might just be our dream home

I’m starting to get excited because there is a 99% chance that we have found the perfect flat which is going to be our home sweet home. It’s located right behind my current house, on the hilltop at blk 641. Coincidentally, it’s just the neighbour block of Mummy’s best friend, Ah Guat Auntie. We’re still remaining as neighbours after all since our last home at Clementi. =)

Hmm…I’ve lost count of how many units we viewed… I guess it will be 10odd. Dearie is very very picky in regards to finding his dream home and food-wise. All other areas, he’s pretty chin chai. Actually we saw a few good units, but either they’re low level(what a pity) or else they’re not near MRT. Kinda ironic as I took cab most of the time but I really feel very handicap if I dont stay near mrt because I’m a direction idiot. And have been staying near MRT for as long as I remembered.

Dearie bought his buddy A to view the 4 room design-and-built unit too, along the corridor and not the interior. He has positive comments too.

1) High floor
2) 10-15mins walk to MRT (my speed;slow)
3) Fully sheltered to MRT (just like my current home)
4) Carpark at basement with lift
5) Unblocked view (that feeling is awesome!)
(okie lah..not as if it’s a super super nice view…but it’s refreshing once in a while to NOT look out of the window and see MRT tracks or HDB buildings. =)
6) Layout pretty squarish
7) Not much built-in fixtures. Only need to change the doors and railings, repaint etc. I remembered the flooring is quite okie.

1) it’s not big, around 100sqm
2) Master-room not especially big (the size of a common room) =(
3) Living room not as big as I wished, but will do
4) 11-12 years old house

The price: It’s only reasonable, or slightly better than reasonable. Gonna nego later. Many owners of other units at Yewtee and CCK were asking alot more than they’re really worth, in my opinion.

Hai yo…I reallllllyyy shouldnt have go see Huey’s house before I bought mine. It makes me tend to compare between them. =( But what can I do? Who asks us not applicable for new flats? Haiz. Even A got grant for his resale flat. We got nothing, absolutely nothing. Dearie is being very sour about it but I told him to kan kai yi dian lor.

Went temple and we got a great DA4 JI2 lot for this unit. =) Hope everything goes well.


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