Happy birthdays!

I really wish to hit the pillows now but I cant, technically, as my stomach is churning all the beer, martell and mee rebus like a typhoon. Arghh!

I really cant drink anymore. =( Sad It’s like, I will experience discomfort if I drank slightly more than 2 glasses…what the…..right? I knew just now I drank not little and it’s also not alot as I’m sober. There are just some giddiness for awhile. *yawn* There’s no way I’m able to sleep with a churning stomach and I came up here to blog. Especially when pipi is loading so slowly. Haiz. Sometimes very fast, sometimes very slow. Damn emo lah.

We got together today at a pub not worth mentioning at boat quay in celebration of Christ’s belated and J’s advance birthday celebration. It’s really quite difficult for all to meet due to our work and relationship commitments. However we still try! Gave Christ some skincare product while J, a renoma wallet. We shared the gifts.

I’m realllllyyy very lazy. I let the pictures do the talking.

This time, I took alot of candid shots! We had drinking games, namely 7,8,9, dice bluff and animal games. C kept want to play 7,8,9 game, think she thirsty for drinks. But today few are drinking. C’s hubby, S kept push to C to drink. T’s bf pushed to her to drink. Christ cant drink because lately she had food poisoning so mostly T, J and I drank for her. Xiong~ =.=

It’s obvious from the pictures the drinks werent very dilute lor. I actually drank 1 and a half rock glass of neat Martell. *faintzz* And hor I’ve became tanner ever since that swim few days ago. Sad leh..haiz..have to start applying whitening lotion again. I hate it when my hubby is fairer than me. =P

DSC03468 [Sony PSP]
Iv & T

DSC03469 [Sony PSP]
C and hubby, S

DSC03471 [Sony PSP]

DSC03472 [Sony PSP]

DSC03473 [Sony PSP]
Seeing these pics just made me feel like laughing. HAHA.

DSC03474 [Sony PSP]

DSC03475 [Sony PSP]

DSC03478 [Sony PSP]
me, T and Christ

DSC03479 [Sony PSP]

DSC03480 [Sony PSP]

DSC03482 [Sony PSP]
You know Christ is so nice! Initially my face look like PIZZA beside hers! So I said I’m going to shift alittle back so that my face look smaller! But she said nevermind she will move infront instead. And she moved so much infront, end up her face still look the same as, if not, smaller than me. Her face is really small leh, damn cute!

DSC03483 [Sony PSP]
C and T

DSC03486 [Sony PSP]
T with bf

DSC03490 [Sony PSP]
Act sexy shot. Haha

DSC03491 [Sony PSP]
Birthday Cake. Wah lau…pandan. =.=

DSC03492 [Sony PSP]
Singing birthday song

DSC03495 [Sony PSP]
J and Christ

DSC03500 [Sony PSP]
C, Iv, T

DSC03501 [Sony PSP]
Group shot

DSC03503 [Sony PSP]
Dont know what they laughing at. =.=

By the way….now I realised why G only drinks red wine and dare not drink alot of beer and hard liquor. I guess she has the same situation as me. J said he also has that, and we both think it’s due to aging. That’s very sad manz! I dont want to drink so much liao lah. Very xin ku!

Happy birthday Christ and J.
2 more happy birthdays to Nic and Sha!


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