=( I dont like water

I’m still having bodyache now, ever since I went swimming with dearie on Monday at our nearby Yewtee Sports Complex. Rather than purely nua-ing in the water like last time, I’m proud to say that I really did SWIM this time round. Haha. Although it’s not a lot….I did exerted some strength. Aiya..I haven swim in years already….and it’s hard you know~ We went and stayed in the wave pool for awhile when the waves were on and left to swim the normal pool on our own after it ended.

As I did not have any goggles, I was afraid to knock into the wall. Hence I swam along the longer side of the pool(the length) and happily executing my “deformed” froggie style. I swam and swam, trying to prolong my usual 5-times-combo(swim 5 strokes and stop) for as long as I can. When I can continue no more after around 10times-combo(my new break through), I finally stopped abruptly midway, hoping to catch my breath normally. What shocked me was that my feet couldnt touch the ground!! Immediately I panicked and sunk like a ship, gobbling some water in the process, forgetting the fact that actually I can swim myself to save my life!

Thank god dearie was actually silently behind me and he scooped me up after 1 mouthful of water. I hung onto him tightly like a Koala bear clutching a tree, coughing off my lungs. Despite it being a very fast rescue in like 5 seconds, it’s enough to scare me tremendously. =~( Because it reminded me how I almost drowned when I was around 8years old. Except it was a more tedious process of around 10seconds as nobody was there to save me. I merely struggled and attempted to anyhow-swim and wedged myself towards the edge of the pool. Damn the relief swimming instructor who failed to look after me. It was real terrifying..and thats why till now I have phobia of water.

As soon as Dearie scooped me up, I noticed few pairs of eyes were staring at me. I wondered which could be more of the humiliating reasons; a girl swimming to the middle of the pool and attempt to drown herself or the fact that she’s drowning at a pretty short height of maybe, 1.6m? 1.6m is a height ENOUGH to drown me already, given how short I am. Don’t even need a 1.8m. Laugh lah. Laugh lor.

I dont know I’m drowning at which height of the pool, especially when I was stupidly ignorant of the fact that the middle of the pool was the deepest instead of the furthest end. And the fact that I myself SWAM to the middle of the pool and ATTEMPTED to DROWN myself was so impossibly ironic and unbearably embarrassing, that I hid my head in dearie’s shoulder like an ostrich, not daring to meet any more quizzing eyes.

*burst into tears*

I haven been SO embarrassed for a long long time!!!!

*Cries harder*

And you know what dearie told me?

He said he’s feeling a sense of deja vu when he “hero saves the beauty(ying1 xiong2 jiu4 mei3)” and said he felt it’s all very romantic. And he asked me if I felt the same.

My face turned distorted.

Only a MAN like him will feel it’s romantic when his wife is, you know, DROWNING.

I bet he will feel it’s even more romantic if he performed CPR on me.

Heng it’s not to that extent. I will be embarrassed to death first before my breathing stops.


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