Pictures at Red Mansion

Siao liao lor. I read Jas’s blog then realised there were SO MANY THINGS which were missing in my memories that night! ZzZz. Like,

1) Oh so the second pub we went is call Raining Bar? I see.
2) We ordered 2 buckets of beer meh? I thought 1 bucket.
3) I got play 5-10 with Rain meh? And I apparently won? How the hell I won siah when I dont even remember I played??

The things which I remembered:
1) Rain, did you keep change your clothings? Between prim-and-proper-sweet-girl-dress and hot-sexy-chiongster-corset-leather-skirt-outfit?

Then somehow I remembered I kept pull her dress up huh, because she “run light”. =.= I’m like the nanny.

2) Jas passing her dont-know-get-from-where-lollipop to all the people around, 1 after another. When finally it came to me, with tons of “DNA” on it, I said I dont want! They seemed to love the widely-shared-lollipop. Hahaha.

3) Rain and me shooing off the guys who attempted to get afresh with Jas, and keeping her from falling down.

Apparently I’m actually the 1st one to get high and blur *very paiseh*, though after that I recovered. But after I recovered slightly at Sabai, then it’s Jas who got blur. So applauses to Miss Rain who managed to remain calm and sober despite all the hoohaa around her! Hahaha.

Rain’s blog is lagging one lah, always. So she haven blogged our night yet. Hmm Wish to get pictures from her because I remember the pictures taken by her camera very nice. My hair looks so glossy in the pictures, when in actual life they’re like hay. Hahaha.

Anyway, for starters, here are some lovely pictures which I got from Jas. I would vastly prefer to link the images right up to mine but it’s not allowed from her blog. Hence she transferred me one by one via MSN. Paiseh ah! Then I became so lazy to blog the pictures that I wished to put up her link of the Red Mansion entry to direct to the pictures there, BUT I was unable to find the link. Nahz..hence I have to update myself.

I’m truly super lazy these days.

Red Mansion.

Posh interior deco

The live band

My love. Haha.

Yummy chicken wings!

3 of us

Rain by the mirror

All the custom-made deco all here! Tissue box too, but not in the pic.

Rain & me

You must see the very stylo tap

At the Raining Bar. Actually I’m already gone here. Thanks.




The guys at Sabai club

The “renowned” lollipop with many people’s saliva. Haha

Okie~ More pics at Jas’s blog.

Went to Huey’s new house at Jurong St 90+, near Pioneer Mrt.

I really really like her house! Sigh was feeling abit sian because I feel it’s difficult for us to get such a nice unit, moreover at that price. Her house is a 5room, 110sq m. Although my mum’s house is 113sq m, Huey’s house actually look much much bigger due to the squarish layout.

Her living room as well as rooms were all big and squarish. The master room is especially big. Kitchen is quite okie and sufficient for us, who are not pro in cooking. However 1 minor bad point is that there wasnt a separate area for airing laundry and for the washing machine. It’s combined with the kitchen. However, still spacious enough. They also have an additional balcony and they made it into a cozy corner. Too bad I didnt bring camera lah.

Thanks to them for advising us on lots of things from the reno tricks, costs, housing to Guo Da Li and stuffs. Thank god for them..else I also dont know who to ask. Time passed so fast when we were there as we had lots of stuffs with the cute couple. Oh we bought them a steamboat to use for new year. It’s actually multi-use, can steam, deep fry etc. Hee. Heng they dont have them yet. I’m so afraid that I bought something they already have.

After that I went Causeway point to meet Eil for dinner. We ate ala-carte at Ajisen and then loitter for awhile before we settled down at Burger King for a chat. I really appreciate she always can give me objective opinions. Haiz. Guo Da Li and all the wedding preps are really quite headache especially with all the different customs…

It’s quite vexing lah if they’re not handled well…
Was feeling vexed just now too then asked dearie to accompany me go sing ktv after our appointments. We had the Kbox Supper..which includes supper buffet at 12am. Quite shiok to eat and sing..though it’s more difficult to sing with a bloating stomach. Haha.

Thanks to dearie to accompany me till late hours. I know he very “steam” already. Haiz…

Hope it all goes well.

Really many birthdays this month. Thursday celebrating Christ’s and J’s birthday. =)


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