So much fun!

Wow! It has been some time since I got high and laughed so much! I always had fun when I’m out with my usual girls but like I said, nowadays I seldom get high from alcohol, the normal beer and chivas, already. I dont understand why. Maybe I’ve aged? If I drink too little, I will feel nothing. If I drink too much, I will go straight to puke. If I drink in moderation(not too little or too much), stomach will experience discomfort.

Only red wine can work it’s magic on me. And yesterday, Rain and Jas were so nice to accompany me to share a bottle of shiraz at Boat Quay, Red Mansion. Its located directly opposite the kopitiam, at the T-junction. It was a beautiful place with posh oriental deco, plush red-cushioned chairs, sexy waitresses in oriental/jap costume and black boots. Totally coolz!

Initially I thought the pricing would be very expensive but actually they’re quite okie. A bottle of red costs $50 and per glass costs $13. Half a dozen of chicken wings is around $10. Boat quay pubs hardly serves red wine and I’m delighted now they have one, moreover one of such great ambiance. Not too noisy, with lush surroundings. Though the pricing of the spirits and beer etc might be a little more expensive than the norm boat quay pubs. But we thought it’s pretty worth it. Instead of normal ktv system, they engaged a live band of two to sing English sentimental songs. You can dedicate songs too. The performance was only okie though.

It has been ages since I met rain and she bought along her colleague Jas who is a charming 21 year old. I just got to know her age though I guess her to be 19 before I knew it. Now you wonder what’s a sweet, young thing like her doing with 2 lao aunties? Lol. But we did had so much fun. We were laughing non-stop that we had to be careful to watch our volume, and ahem, image.

That day was a busy day for me. Dearie and me went Marsiling, Tanjiong Pagar, then chinatown to run our errands. Especially getting the nice, red and black oriental quilt cover set for our Guo Da Li as well as buying pressie for little Kelphina. Too bad LP was unable to work that night, thus I’m unable to pass her the pressie. Though next time I will really prefer her to sms me too instead of rain alone.

We camwhored quite a bit in the beautiful Red Mansion. However the pictures were with the girls as I did not bring my camera. I’m just so lazy lately. Jus and his friend came to join us for awhile too but left very soon, like in 45minutes? Might as well dont come right, duhz~

After Red Mansion, the 3 of us adjourned to another pub. God save me but after the first mouth of beer, I got pretty blur as you know mixing wine with beer or with whatever shit is pretty “xiong”. Rain’s bf came to join us shortly. Damn lah I performed badly with my 5-10 and sang like shit. My head swam madly and dont ask me how but ultimately we ended clubbing at Sabai Club, Shenton way.

Weird huh, why lately many people go there? Because of the chio thai girls? Anyway, there we saw more of rain’s bf’s friends. Nice music and dancing. More 5-10 and more drinks. But I drank in moderation since I knew I’m getting blur. And the more blur I got, the more I lost in games. Arrgghh, pretty pek chey manz..I seldom lose so much one. Hng! =P

However, it’s Jas who got overly drunk! Rain and me were almost helpless to handle her. Hello its not easy for us to handle a girl of 1.69m tall when we’re so-not-very-tall! And it’s so funny when she’s obviously sooo knock-out but yet she kept insisted “I’m OKkkKkkKk. I’m really OkkKkKKKkK.” Damn funny lah. Thank god..nothing big happened. But really, we really should take note of her alcohol intake in future. =P

Rain had paid for the drinks that day and rejected my transfer of money. So I owe her a BIG treat. No problem though as we both like Red Mansion very much. It wont be long till we visit there again. And hopefully, apart from Jas, LP is able to join us again. JJ too, kinda miss her. =)

One incident which got me pissed off that night was when I took the cab home alone. It was already 4+am and I’m already so tired. There, the f*cking stupid cab driver commented

“this place very hot hor, many people come hor”


“here got a thai disco and also a night club right?”

*ignore* as I was pretty shagged out already.

“so you came out from the disco..or the night club?”

TAMADE!! Immediately I was jerked wide awake with that offending sentence which implied that I look like a hooker! Okie lor, I might be toOo sensitive for my own good but I just felt annoyed about that redundant comment!


Instantly, he realised he said something wrong and mumbled apologetically, “yayaya sorry, what matters is that you’re going home now right?”


I’m not wearing anything indecent what. Just a tube flowery dress that falls below the knees. In what way I looked like a hooker? I must get the pictures from Rain and Jas. Arrgghhh!


9 Responses to So much fun!

  1. RaiN says:

    hahaha… I love the way you described our behaviors in Red Mansion. I can’t imagine we laughed so loud lor 😛

    Oh, LP didn’t wanted to just sms me alone. I beep her when we reached boat quay and told her to let us know when she reached. That’s why she reply only to me

    And yes, I am also waiting for the pictures. Once I get them, I will let you know too 😀

    And YES!!! We must go there again. This time, NO MORE Thai Disco. I told Jas, next time if she is drunk, I will send her home. If not, she can sleep in my place. I aged 10 years in one night lor, I think I grew some muscles too

    woo~ I feel young again man. wahahahahaha

    P.S: I think you look super decent that day. So just don’t care the taxi driver. Maybe it’s just that you drink so much, you probably stench of alcohol *blink blink*

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Lol. Hmm did I really drink so much that day? I became so lousy…haiz…=P Though I didnt expect Jas to be so wild after some alcohol huh. *winkz* Keke. But anyway, next time dont quarrel with J over such minor matters lah. Will affect relationship. And next time I want you to drink more lor! We didnt even play 5-10 hor? Damn..Im so blur that I dont remember some parts. =P

      • RaiN says:

        P.S, I where got teh… *blush* I super man one :p

        Alamak, u really blur liaoz. We DID play 5-10, n I kept losing to you… Until J came n help me “seek revenge”. Wahaha….

  2. Yuriko says:

    oOooo wonderfully typed out post! hehe!

    i had sOoOoo much fun! ok abit too much fun…but yea…its been a LONG time since i had this much fun!

    yes yes red mansion is a must go again! hehe! and oops! so sry. let my wild side appear again. faints. it was nicely hidden for so long as i havent been this high for so long! blame it on the mixture of all 3 diff alcohol! faints. and i should not have downed those glasses or martel! faints! i have a weakness for martel and cant stop drinking it cuz i like it so much! hahaha!

    u’re a wine drinker, rain a hoe garden drinker, and im a martel/chivas drinker. haha! faints! add all up equals KO!

    and yea i agree with rain that u were very decently dressed tt day, the taxi driver just anyhow la. dun bother bout him yea. 🙂

    cya girls again for red mansion soon!! *hugs* for now! will send u and rain the photos soon~ im uploading and sorting them out now! haha! alot of random photos i dont even rmbr taking!!

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Your wild side. Kekeke. Next time we must see Rain’s wild side too. Tell you she sibei “teh” after she drunk.
      Not so prim and proper one. Wahahaha. Ya lor, add all the liquor become KO. Haha. I bet you dont remember ALOT of things lah. Think back still find it funny. Yeah although you were blur liao at Sabai, you kept snapping away leh. I also dont know what pictures you snapped of me..siao liao. Must be very ugly. Ask me before you put them up hor!!

      • Yuriko says:

        hahaha yea! next round rain’s turn! wahahah! faints sia. i really dun rmbr wor. i was the one snapping away ma? i tot someone else took my camera and go ard paparazzing wor. LOL! i wass till wondering is who sia. haha!

        dun worry. i dont anyhow post up picts! picts all been thru screening first. haha! =p rain will know tt. keke! =D

      • RaiN says:

        My turn? Wah lao, I never drink any lesser lor. Smemore red wine is my “fatal spot”. I was already freaking drunk by the time we reach sabai, if not my auntish speckie will never surface.

        Two things jerk my awake (20%)
        1. I swear I have never seen fion this drunk before (ps I have great sense of achievement now)
        2. I never have my gf running away from me during girls night out lor. Next time I going to bring chains lah. Lao niang sim bo lad

  3. Chilli Padi says:

    Lol Si mi “sim bo lad”?

    Got lah, you “teh” when you high. Actually me too leh…just that you haven see before. HAHAHA.

    Ya lah…you finally saw my semi-drunk side…but that’s not the worse…muahahaha.

    You seem sober at Sabai leh…ya I dont understand why you suddenly wear your specs. Hahaha. I realllyyyy dont remember playing 5-10 with you in the bar but yes I remember your darling making me drink. Arrghhhh And his friens at Sabai. Arrghhhh! I want revenge!

    You mean Jas run away from you huh? Damn funny hor, she can hardly walk liao and kept saying, “Im okkkkkk” and we’re like…”okkkk we know you okkkkkkk” when actually we know she’s not okkkk.

    Haha. Then Jas said she dont know how come got a lollipop in her hand as shown in the pictures. Despite how blur I am, I remember she kept pass her lollipop to god knows how many people?? It was being passed around to at least few guys and wah piang I was thinking damn unhygienic lah, got so many people saliva!! Then Jeffrey want to pass to me also, I DONT WANT. Then Jas eat the lollipop untl very happy like that. Muahahah!

    • Yuriko says:

      hahaha cuz i dont rmbr doing so! LOL. if i had known i wont eat le. faints! haha! but anyway i love lollipops! hahah! so mayb my subconscious mind just got excited and simply pop the lollipop into my mouth. tts that. nv considerig other factors. juts the lollipop and me. haha!

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