All in 1

My Cute friend.

K says:
fion fion
K says:
you are going to be a bride soon – so you must know this “recipe”
K says:
1-2 months before your wedding day, eat bird nest regularly (every alternate day or 2-3 times a week) for 1-2 continuous months
K says:
guarantee soft skin and very swee by wedding date

Hahaha! So sweet of her. =)

But hor, she thought I as rich as her can CONTINUOUSLY eat birdnest for 2 months. =P $300 worth of birdnest is only enough for like 10-12 bowls(days). From what she suggesting, I need to fork out $600+ leh. Aiyo, I just did a spreadsheet for the all the cash and cheques we need to prepare on the eve and actual wedding day, and the figure already made me swoon despite I haven include the angbaos for FIL, MIL and dearie’s brother. Here she is suggesting I fork out $600+ more for birdnests. *_* If only I as rich as her lah then I dont mind la. =P I do love birdnest. =P I think maybe can think of cheaper alternative, like hashima or bai mu er. Actually I love bai mu er with ice sugar. Mummy always buy some from a stall nearby her workplace. It’s wonderful.

I have so many stuff on hand till I dont know how to blog them. And I realised I haven blog about my last outing with dear Ser and Viy on 1st May, labour day. It has been ages since we went out, due to the difficulty of catching 2 babes together. They were so nice to accompany me to search for materials of my ideal heart-shaped angbao box as I’m pretty challenged to make 1 myself. Viy kept saying me stingy, as if she thinks making one is cheaper. =.= I think in total, I spent $50+ for my heart-shaped angbao box and now I thought it’s pretty silly. ANYWAY, bu zuo dou zuo le, let’s hope you all can appreciate my handiwork but please dont have too high an expectation. Afterall, I’m a science student and not art student okieee. Though so far, dearie and mummy have commented it’s nice. =D

They were so kind to accompany me to spotlight and daiso and spotlight again, all because this clueless moron here dont even have a rough idea of making a heart-shape box. I did thought about it, not that I dont have ideas but Im thinking for the best way, the easiest and yet most effective way of making a presentable angbao box with the greatest visual effect yet minimum effort. End up, I did not buy anything that day. Even the materials I bought at Chinatown, I did not use most of them because my ideas change along the way. Thank god they’re cheap.

My mummy is also a gem la. For the 4 dian jin, she said I shouldnt take white gold because it sounds like “bai jin(condolences) and I have to take yellow or rose gold. And you know how difficult it is to find a MODERN matching set of chain, pendent, earrings and ring in anything than white gold or not?? Heng is I find ah, I dont think MIL will be able to piece out such a set. Then hor, when mummy saw my heart-shaped box, she instructed me not to decorate with flowers.

“What? Cannot “hua xin”(flower-heart/flirt) again??”

Immediately I thought of the old uncle at the wedding store who instructed me not to buy flowery pyjamas for the exact same reason!

“Yes!” Mummy echoed.


Immediately I was kinda struck dumb because I had bought 3 lovely flowers deco to make my job easier and now, they cant be used. ZzZzz

But no worries, for someone as bright as me(kekeke bhb), nothing can nan2 dao3 me one! My angbao box is almost done and it confirm doesnt contain any flowers! Hahaha.

Oh so after our dinner at ThaiExpress and shopping, we adjourned to OldSchool at Mt Sophia which is nearby Paradiz Centre for drinks and supper. It’s my first time there. Hmm…quite a nice place…alfresco..though thank god it wasnt warm. The servings of my mango daiquiri was huge till I cant finish. Perhaps I ate too much of their seafood platter and chicken wings. Yummy! Thanks to Viy who send me home. Also passed her a CK perfume as advance birthday pressie which coincidentally is the same pressie that Ser gave her last year. Haha but thank god she said she likes the scent.

Just now(Wed), a group of us, L, T and me had steamboat buffet with M in celebration of her birthday which is on coming sunday. Dearie came to join us after 1.5hours. We had the buffet at MarinaSquare Hotpot Culture. It’s very worth it, only $20+ and it’s a ala carte buffet coupled with both raw and cooked dishes like kungpo prawns, sambal kangkong etc. What’s more, it also includes a chocolate fondue, icecream etc. Shiok right? We ate till we’re bloated and I even felt like puking just now. =P

After the 3hours buffet…siao right..haha…we adjourned to Holland v for more drinks. Quite a mistake as we actually cant really stomach more drinks. But anyway, we sang M a birthday song softly at the 2nd storey of Coffeeclub with a cake T bought. M was so cute lah. She was so gan dong that her eyes were wet. Haha. I also gave her a pressie which is a toner from E’TUDE, not available in Singapore. Oh We treated her to the buffet and drinks too. Birthday girl shouldnt pay anything. Hmm..dont really applies to me because I always treat on my birthday. Haha. But anyway, this year I’m gonna combine my birthday with my hen’s night. Save money. =P Otherwise xiong leh. =P

Advance Happy birthday M!!! =D

Actually I’m running a fever now. Probably from the serious flu I was suffering during the steamboat. I also dont understand why. With the bloated stomach and continuous sneezing, I cant sleep. =P

Oh thanks to Huey for sending me her wedding schedules and basically all her excel spreadsheets. You can imagine my horror when I opened them. It’s indeed very comprehensive and reminded me harshly that so much work has to be done. My sheets includes; Actual Day Wedding schedule, JieMei’s Duties, JieMei’s simplied wedding schedule, Costs schedule, Contacts and Banquet list.

*faint x 3*


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