Cramps back

The last time I visited a doctor for prescription of Yasmin(the contraceptives that I took to reduce menstrual cramps) mentioned to me it’s not encouraged if I took that continuously to stop the pain. While the previous male gynae said it will reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, this lady doctor said it will increase the risk of breast cancer instead.

Sometimes wonder how much should we trust a doctor. Blearh.

As I well know females have very high risk of contracting cancer of these 2 organs, that statement threw me off balance. I panicked and asked, “then how? Every month take panadol? Also cant stop the pain leh.”

“I can prescribe you strong medicine if you want, to combat the pain. Dont take the Yasmin unless you really want it as a contraceptives.”

I can only say yes. And cramps has returned despite I just finished my pack of Yasmin days ago. Isnt it supposed to reduce and eliminate the pain which I always have? Suddenly I’m back to my old fragile self. Thank god for the lady doctor’s medicine. It was labeled as “painkillers”, immediately doused me off. bian. To date I have already taken 3…which are under circumstances which I can bear the pain no more. Mummy is buying me bai2 feng4 wan2, a kind of chinese medicine to regulate the cycle soon. How bitter also must swallow…

I hope people do know it’s not good to always take painkillers especially women. Because we have to go through labour(giving birth). Even the daily panadols we took to relieve headaches and such acts something like a painkiller. They are bad for us because the higher dosage our body is accustomed to, the higher dosage we need to inject during labour because normal dosage wont pose a difference already. That’s also according to your pain threshold.


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