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Quite many happy occasions around me in the month of May. =)

May Birthday Babies include Viy, Gen, Est, Mary, Ken, Zen, Haz, Dav and of course our newly, freshly borne Xav, who is the 1st baby of my long ago childhood friend, M. Xav is a very fit and chubby 3.838 kg Ox baby who happens to be a taurus too! I was saying he will be very stubborn when he grows up as it’s bull + bull. Haha. Happiness come in doubles. M’s younger brother, X who’s also my long ago childhood friend got married on labour day, 1st May too.

Congrats and happy birthday to all!

It really amazed me how time flies. Around 20years ago, we were still kids who ran about at the corridors as we were neighbours at Clementi. I remembered I just started Primary 1 at Pei Tong Primary when we shifted to Clementi and became neighbours. They stayed the 8th floor while us, the 5th. Because our parents(mother and mother) are such great friends, we shifted to yewtee together. That’s also coupled with a good amount of luck that we’re able to successfully ballot for flats in Yewtee and what’s more, our blocks are like 10minutes walk away.

It has been 20 years! Now X and me are married and M is already a father!

Mummy lamented about the amazing coincidence that the 3 of us has good news all during this year; X had his customary in May; I’m going to have mine in Aug; M also has his first baby borne in May, all during this year. It’s kinda true. Though I’m pretty paiseh that I’m unable to attend X’s wedding even though Xiang(my bro) told me they’re so nice to invite me. As I’m afraid of the renowned superstitious clash, I didnt go lor. I did, however, asked my brother, Xiang to extend my congratulations to him. It’s actually abit weird lah because we haven really talk in years due to going to different schools and so on, but I cant help sending a greeting. Happy occasion mah. =) Mummy and Xiang attended the wedding though at ParkRoyal hotel.

Xiang, on the other hand clicks very well with the 2 brothers. When I think back, it’s very funny. Because last time I used to quarrel with the 2 brothers as they always like to make fun or “bully” my younger brother, Xiang. I was very protective as I’m the older sister. To think now they’re like the greatest of friends. It’s quite ironic actually. Haha.

Truly, I really admired the friendship my mummy and their mummy shared. 20years. No joke. I think so far my longest friendship is with Huey, 19 years and counting!! Since primary 2. Hee…I’m pretty confident that I can break the 20th mark too and more so!

Sigh, I missed chatting with her face-to-face though we just had a long msn chat lately. I feel I can totally say whatever I like infront of her and wont be afraid of offending her. Mostly is because the chance is very low because we shared same views on many things. Secondly is because she’s just so, so, so nice and sweet-tempered, not that I will purposely go offend her la. But I just feel some friends have taboo subjects you cant touch and I have to be extra cautious not to even go near them. Huey, machiam dont have taboo subjects one leh, like me. Haha. And she’s always able to give me constructive comments. Hmm..sounds familiar. I think she said that about me too. Haha. The most important thing…after talking with her…..I always feel as if a load is off my shoulder…whole body feel so light…it’s just very comfortable. Good. =)

But we can only meet “properly” in JUN as her weekends are usually spent with her hubby. Poor thing..she said everyday go home is face 4 walls because her hubby always on shift work and only off on weekends. So how can I usurp her weekend when her time with hubby is already so little? Then weekday afternoons she got to work, evenings I got to work. So cannot lor. Her hubby is going to Australia in Jun for work. I can visit her new home too!

All thanks to her for sending me her wedding schedules, checklist and banquet list templates for me. It really helps alot and saves time. Though I still spent hours on it…not easy okie…they’re more or less done. I’m still working on the wedding montage. Hmm…anyone with nice photo slideshow software to lend? DVD photo slideshow professional v7.98 is great. However trial can only up to 36 pictures. %&*(*&^%^&* Microsoft Moviemaker not really up to standard leh…the pan and zoom effect not very good…unless there are ways to customize them. I’ve tried tons of products and so far finds DVD photo slideshow professional v7.92 to be the best. All others are pretty crappy.

Oh, Huey was saying she can accompany me to go buy 4 dian jin because her FIL open gold smith shop one, can get discount. WAH!! But I’m too tired after browsing so many stalls already(kinda anxious..=P)…that I finally settled with a set of 18K gold diamond set last week. Actually I kinda matched it myself while shopping with Mummy. =) The pendant is from Sookee while the others are from Goldheart. Well…since their designs matched very well…and I feel only Sookee’s pendant is nice while Goldheart’s earrings, ring and chain are nicer so I bought from both lor. Anyway since their stalls are side by side at Jurong Point. Keke. Though I look abit like a siao charbor who shopped to and fro from the 2 stalls. =P

Okie…you must have feel weird…isnt 4 dian jin to be bought by MIL? Indeed it should be. But we’re flexible mah. And my MIL is SO NICE. I called her up and told her about the promotion discounts and how tired I am browsing over…*counting*…8 different stalls…that I dont wish to shop anymore le and will settle with this set which I like. Think there’s hardly any shops left too lah. But I told her about the price of the whole set and how dearie nodded his head too(because is dearie paying). However as some items need to get new pieces and ring need to be resized, I told dearie and MIL that we’ll go to collect together so that she can see the design then. She’s quite ok with that. =) By the way, it’s in rose gold since mummy is superstitious about white gold(bai jin sounds like condolences). I pretty like them. =)

*************Abrupt change of topic***************

Guess you all heard about H1N1 virus in Mexico. Actually initially, I thought naught of seems to be getting worse leh. MIL was pretty anxious and ji dong about dearie going to Africa coming friday. At first…I tried to soothe her by saying there’s nothing to worry. But today dearie mentioned to me that he has 2nd thoughts too because apart from the swine flu, Africa is the country with the 2nd highest homicide rate. He googled about that especially after how his buddy, J, scared him about how the locals dashed to snatch his leftover food the moment he stood up because they’re too poor and hungry.

I’m not that afraid of the crime thingy as they will be mostly in groups..I reckon the risk is not that high….just avoid going out alone or at nights. However, I’m quite worried about the virus as dearie’s immune system is not very strong. How about the quarantine too? If skali suay suay kanna fever and be quarantined at the airport, the whole group is going to leave without him. And who knows how long he’s going to be quarantined in a foreign country? My thoughts started to run wild and suddenly I froze and said to him…”dear…you cant have anything happen to you leh…our wedding is in AUG…if you..”anything”…I cant take it one leh.”

I think I really cant take it if *touch wood* anything happens. I will crazy lor. Dearie said “yeah I know, mummy also said the same thing, that the wedding is coming soon, dont take unnecessary risks. Health is more important than a free trip. Holidays can take anytime mah”. Actually I’m quite unhappy why the company cant postpone the trip instead of announcing things like “go at your own risk okie…if now back out no need pay penalty fees..but no incentives will be replaced/refunded at all okie”.

Very “wat” right?

But dearie said company has paid for the airtickets and stuff already so it’s also not their fault nor within their means to really postpone the whole trip, alot of cost are involved. However, I have my own set of theory too but probably wont mention it here. =P

I really feel disappointed for dearie as he had expressed his interest to explore such a exotic country. But he said if by going, he will have to worry about the virus, the crime rate and making the whole family worry about him, he wont enjoy the trip too, because he will worrying about us worrying him(that’s his quote). ZzZzz. So he’s most probably cancelling the trip lor…and said he got more time to accompany me.

Bah…like real. More time come out also not for me one la.

Movie title: Horsemen
Comments: Actually while I’m watching, I do find it engaging. However the ending is very disappointing and after the movie ended, I realised the movie’ something’s not right. Because, in this type of movie, serial killing, usually you will see some hints which the killers dropped on the bodies and the detective will try to crack them and set a trap or something. I always enjoy the battle of wits. However, there’s no battle of wits involved at all. Because the detective kept find 1 body after another without detecting any clues in time. The killers either turned in themselves(bleh..) or else killed themselves(bleh..bleh..). Kinda mo ming qi miao, now that I think of it. But while’s actually quite thrilling lah. No gory scenes at all, not that I mind…but it makes it..disappointing…dont have the horror effect at all. Unless you find a body being hooked like a pig gory. The body looks so fake that I dont find it gory. Looks like pig skin anyway.


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