This kind of people…

You know once in awhile, you will meet some weird people who will intrigued you as in how their minds really work.

Like, I saw a topic in Wedding talk, where a little girl was asking,
“Hope someone can help me here. As my photographer and makeup artiste is my friend, and they won’t be charging me. Do you think it’s ok to give a $18 angpaw to each of them?”
I assume she is little because of her nick, XiaoRenZe. Xiao mah, xiao means little.

And so I replied,

Photography you mean for actual day right? The cheapest I’ve heard commercially is around $400

For bridal makeup, the cheapest is also around few hundred because it covers day and night makeup including hairstyles.

Sorry but I feel $18 is wayyyyyy too little already.”

So l think little girl feels paiseh when I said it’s too little, despite I meant no malicious meaning at all. When I said I feel it’s too little, I simple meant “I feel it’s too little la”. It’s purely in my own opinion mah. I did not say NOR feel she’s niao or whatever because she might have other factors to consider but didnt mention?

But perhaps some people naturally feel defensive or easily paiseh and thinks people is suan-ing her? And her reply went;

“mm.. as i’ve mentioned, the photographer and makeup artiste is a close friend of mine. And the red packet is just a friendly gesture. I don’t think you understand what I mean.

Anyway my friend says they won’t accept my red packet. Their service would be their ROM gift for me.”

I hor, hate people who are obviously at a loss of words to refute whatever discussions and thus shoot back with a “I dont think you understand what I mean”.

IF hor, she dont care about the market rates to give a good gauge of the monetary appreciation she wants to give her friend, then why the hell she post this topic right? Whether “it’s okie”? If she literally mean “they’re my close friends and I can give whatever amount I want”, then what for post a topic to ask whether it’s okie? Just bloody give whatever amount you want lor.

And when I said I feel it’s too little, then she said…”they’re my close friends…it’s just a friendly gesture…bla bla”. If you feel $18 is not too little then you giveeeee lorrr. What for post a topic when ultimately you dont want to listen to any opinions?

I would think friends’ help are sweet and they do deserve credit. However, as you know all weddings are costly and usually these friends help out for the sake of friendship as well as helping you to save costs. So I will think it’s feasible and appropriate to bao an amount which is about the market rate available, minus a little or whatever you deem fit. Then it makes sense for a friend’s help mah right? If I’m paying the same, then might as well I hire someone’s help and don’t trouble my friend right?

But personally I feel $18 is too little for photography already because it’s very tiring one. It will be 10hours or more. As for makeup, maybe not so bad if the friend is a newbie or freelance…but I still feel it’s wayyy too little already. $18 is just only enough to cover transport loh hello~ Might as well dont give.

And why would the friends said they wont accept her red packet?

Highly unlikely the friends will out of nothing say “dont give me any angbaos okie, I wont accept.” Obviously she must have said something like, “hey thanks for helping me out that day, I will give you angbao okie.”

Common, anyone with some common sense and a minimal level of EQ will reject by saying, “no need lah” or “nevermind lah, treat as ROM gift for you” right? Will anyone say “yes yes! Angbao bao BIGGER okie?”

不可能one mah.

So I feel this girl horrrrr….is just very er xin lah.

If she really meant to give angbao at all, she probably wont mention to the friends. And even if she really did meant to give and mentioned it, she would not throw away the idea just because the friends said it will be a gift to her.

She just dont mean to give anything more than $18 and vastly preferred not to give at all la!

Still wanna act….buay tahan this kind of people…like you know they ming ming dont want to pay their bill, but always act act as if they want to repay their share when they dont have that intention at all lor. They will use lots of way to corner you until it’s either super troublesome for you to collect from them or they will just siam at every corner of payment until you’re sick of asking from them.

Though anyway, upon her reply then I know her’s is only a ROM function. The market figures will be cheaper as ROM’s duration is shorter.

*take a deep breath*

It’s Genevieve’s belated birthday the day before(labour day) and Estee’s birthday today.

I wish the 2 stunning babes eternal bliss with their loved ones and stay cheerful and cute forever.

Okie My English is really limited standard lah. Despite every greeting sounds the same, I really mean it OK! =D to change the colours of text in wordpress?!


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