Super long deep thoughts entry

Everyone is so busy so much so that they hardly update their blogs anymore. I love reading my friends’ blogs, at least I know how they’re doing. =) Though of course I’m also not that free to read everyday..but I’ll read once every few days if I can manage.

Last time I can spend like 1 or 2 hours to play some Viwawa games everyday. Nowadays, I’m so busy that I hardly play anymore. As time goes by, the routine habit which I thought I had(to play at least 1 hour everyday) disintegrates. I think it has been more than 1 or 2months. Now, I do play when I’m have some time to spare, but it’s totally flexible. I can play 15minutes and then stop abruptly. It doesnt seem like a habit(to play at least an hour) which I cant kick already. And I’m very pleased with that.

There was a saying, if you repeatedly do or dont do something out of your normal routine for consecutively 29 days, it will make a difference or an impact after that.

Say, you always love to drink coke.
Then you can challenge yourself by NOT drinking coke for 29 days consecutively.

Say, you hate taking the stairs.
Then you can challenge yourself by taking the stairs for 29 days consecutively.

For the former, I guess your sugar level will definitely drop(provided you dont drink other soft drinks la). For the latter, your fitness level will definitely improve.

I’ll love a fitter body but as yet, I’m not that brave to take up the challenge. Lol. Hmm it’s definitely more sustainable and supportive if you have a buddy to do it with you. Even if that means both of you challenge yourselves with different things. That’ll be fun. =)

We had seen our photoshoot pictures. I told dearie to look forward with an open mind. It might not be as bad as it looks. True’s not as bad…but I really have alot of stuff which needs the help of photoshop. I look so f*cking plump. While viewing the pictures, I have to control myself not to straight away DELETE them from the folder when I found them to be too ugly.

I dont know why, despite the make-up looked okie after it’s drawn, it looked horrible in the pictures. And it got worse thereafter when it melted. So weird because my face actually looked very tan inside the pictures. I dont think I’m that tan right? The most amazing thing is, I asked dearie to look at my studio pictures; my hands are so much fairer than my face until they looked as if they dont belong to me. How can that be possible lah.

I discussed the makeup with Jy before, about how the MUAs were unable to elaborate my eyes like how I did myself. She said it’s most probably only the liner and fake eyelashes application. I can do them myself then let them take over to apply the eye-shadow as they’re still better at blending. I decided to do just that.

But now looking at the horrible makeup which appeared in the pictures, I think I’ll prefer Sally(my ROM MUA) to Miki(photoshoot MUA) as my MUA on my actual day. I know I very fussy lah..but bo bian, who ask me to be no where near 天生丽质。 =P Though I definitely prefer Miki in person because she’s a nicer and easy-to-talk-to lady. But Sally does give a better foundation finish, which is the most important part of a makeup. Haiz…kinda fan.

Original package comes with 28 pages 32 poses(pictures). Per additional pose is $50. But if add another album, will be $70 per page with additional pose $50 each. We topped up 35pictures more to 65. They gave us a discounted price of $1500, which is like 3 poses free. The photographer see until she cant take it liao when I keep delete and delete. Cut costs mah. She literally beg me not to delete because she said too few pictures album will not be nice as ours is digital-design. Damn funny lah. Though I doubt so lah, must be because of the commission. =P

We ultimately took up more pictures is not because I feel they’re fantastic OK. It’s merely because I had 5 different gowns in different backdrops and venues. Dammit. It really makes it more difficult to choose because per gown at every venue need at least 4 pictures to do a proper digital-designed page, in my opinion. At least can blend properly. We still have to go back and see the photoshopped pictures before they will design the album. Sigh..fingers crossed ah…please make me slimmer and fairer. I’m really not that tan leh..

I also requested for a 3piece suit for dearie to wear that day especially when his photoshoot didnt even have a vest to go with. We bought a greyish silver vest to match. I bought him that because it’s too short notice to request from NewImage. I know their limitations as a newly opened company.

However, our actual day is in AUG, still got 3months plus. I will want him to have a formal white vest to match his white suit on the actual wedding day. I told Capio directly I saw all grooms have 3 piece suits and it’s high time they have it no matter how new they are. And main reason is, in our office, everyone wear suits and ties and mostly with blazer. If they’re going to make my darling wear only a 2 piece suit, then it’s no difference from his attire in the office or when he meet clients lor! Stupid right?

I mentioned before she’s real good at EQ but this time round she gave me quite a silly reason to counter. She said most of her clients’ prefer not to have the vest. They prefer the simple 2 piece ones instead(shirt with tie, then blazer). ZzZz. I bet the grooms dont know what they’re missing as guys usually dont care mah. And most brides only care for their own gowns and not the groom.

Then she said, we should request if we want anything “extra” and she will try to accommodate. HAHA. I dont think it’s anything extra at all, not as if we request a tuxedo or anything. A 3 piece suit is the bare minimum, it’s the basic lor please. But she’s like that lah. Everytime when I get more direct, she will become very defensive with a monotone voice.

Scary lah this type of people because underneath you dont know what they’re thinking. They might be smiling at you but thinking of stabbing you. I dont lor, not even towards my clients. If I care about you means I really do. Some took me for granted, and I will speak up one. I will try to meet you according to the timing you desire, but hor, dont think because you’re the client then you can anyhow put me aeroplane and last minute change timing and expect me to teleport over. Once or twice nevermind, more than twice, then is too much right.

You busy, I’m also busy OK.

(Entry from this point onwards is about work, please skip if it might bore you or offend you in any way. =) )

But frankly speaking, some people are really cant be “soft soft” with them. They dont buy it one(不吃这套。). They dont seem to understand the importance of insurance. Then they thought you “soft soft” with them is because you want their sales when in fact you’re just being nice. Eventually when things(illness) happened, then they call you and cry. What can I do right? I can only claim for you, but that is provided you took up the plan mah. You didnt buy the one I recommended, you cry 3 days 3 nights I also cant help lor. So sometimes, I prefer the “hard” approach..hahaha.

Indeed this job is tough. It’s a thin line between being ethical and unscrupulous. But after being in this line for so long, earnings come secondary to being a life planner whom clients trusted and depended upon. Nothing cheers me more when a client called to inform they got a new job and has more budget for planning, so that I can plan for them according to the shortfall during the last review. Nothing cheers me more when clients ask for advise to invest in which funds, buy which product or put how much is better. =DDD

Sometimes it’s pretty funny. I had a client who is pretty young, as young as my brother, only 22 this year. But he’s very mature, saves alot and has great foresight and planning. Seriously, I seldom see such guys around in Sg, moreover in 1 so young. He’s the eldest in his family of 4 brothers. Really, I realised usually the eldest will plan more for themselves and usually are more mature than their peers because of their responsibility towards younger siblings since young. By the way, eldest doesnt refer to the only sons/daughters okie. =P

I’m more impressed with this client of mine when he’s actually half working and half studying ON TOP of supporting his brother financially and spiritually(by tutoring personally) to study poly all the way from a N’ level student. His dad doesnt support the family at all….he’s never at home. I’m not sure about mum but heard she’s always sick… Strangely all the 4 brothers dont like to talk about their parents..

And everytime he wants to top up his policies(he will call me)…even when the factfind seems ok..I will hesitate and ask, “you got enough to use or not?”

“Got lah dont worry”

“but your job now is part time only right? You haven graduate leh.”

“dont worry lah. Aiyoh you very losoh leh. I can pay yearly too.”


He definitely didnt win toto nor gamble. He just did lots of part-time job. But I didnt really see him scrimp and save actually…even his printer is those big-ass kind..And he told me it’s good quality, got dont know 3-in-1 functions one. =.=

To date..think his policies with me are more than $300 a month, I dont really remember…and he haven even own a permanent job yet. Sad to say, he’s so much well-covered than many old people(who needs more cover) and people who earns more than him(who also need more cover because of higher expenses). Not that I mean not well-covered means not good lah…different people have different priorities. Up to you~

Then hor..sorry I noticed I’m getting too long-winded on this story but it’s really funny. He introduced his brother to me to buy policies too. The one whom he tutored from N’level through ITE then to poly. Amazing rightttt? So this brother is also a poly student who works part-time. Only 17 years old.

You all must understand their parents dont give them pocket money at all. They all supported themselves, family of 4 brothers. Okie then he started low, $100 per month.

But I’m still worried..even after the factfind seems okie. Ultimately, he’s holding part-time job only cum studying at NYP…17years old…

“err…you sure you will have enough to spend?”


*I hesitated*

My client(eldest brother) chupped in, “aiya you dont worry about him lah, he got alot of money one.”

=.= After he said that sentence, I saw his brother fished out a iphone.



They got another brother now serving NS, also bought policies from me too. The youngest brother didnt buy because too young le, think 14 or 15. And the 3 brothers who bought, has never experienced unsuccessful giro deductions.

I really feel it’s very amazing leh!!! Why my brother not like them?? Haizzzzz!!!

Some clients, I can easily sell them savings plans because they’re SO INTO SAVINGS. Aunties love savings. But when I look over all their policies, I noticed they dont have adequate insurance coverage against illness, hospitalization and surgeries. I dissuaded them to take the savings, but to take the critical illness cover instead.

So ultimately they dont wan to buy(the critical illness policy) lah, or some took up BUT lapsed the policies after sometime. So who lugi? I will say both of us lor. Because of pointing out what they need to buy instead of easily giving what they like to buy, I missed my sales or my PR ratio suffers. And suay suay 1 among this group of people contracted cancer. Can claim for cancer? Cannot lor. Only claimed death claim. And actually savings policies give higher commission than critical illness plan lor. Sometimes feel I’m so god-damn stupiddddd lah…sometimes it really doesnt pay to be kind lah.

But I agree I’m aggressive. No special reason, just that when I feel strongly about my opinions, I tend to get real focused and head-on directly on the point. I sound stricter and more formal. But of course if you give me a valid reason, or whatever reason, so long so it’s real, I can accept. Even reasons like “I hate Great Eastern, will never buy products from them.” works too. But dont give me crap excuses, sometimes really cant stomach.

I realised nowadays many people dont hold their promises. Of course what’s a mere promise to a life planner. But then I realised some of them are friends instead. Ouch, that hurts. Then I suddenly realised…actually alot of things, I dont have to live my life the hard way. I’m really too prim and proper liao, too straight.

it doesnt harm much to break your promises once in awhile to friends since they also break theirs now and then to you.

It doesnt harm much to contribute lesser to the family especially when all people around seemed to contribute lesser, you dopey.

It doesnt harm much to let your SO pay for alittle more things…sometimes.


I’m so bad.

But really…comparison really makes you see alot of things…Though many things are real subjective and qualitative instead of quantitative…but really…..I think once in a while, you need to compare with the ton..or the “market”…then you know where you stand….

Like how you know whether a bf is mis-treating you by his actions? always tell your close friends and ask whether their bf’s are like that right?

That’s comparison. And majority wins. Majority always wins. And the ultimate phrase which always come out is, “all guys are the same.”

It often marks the end of tons of complaints from a gang of girls.
Does anyone understand how I’m feeling and what I’m trying to say……..



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