Sigh. I’m spilling saliva all over the keyboard over the beauty of some pre-wedding photos I saw at forums, taken at Lijiang, Yunnan.

They are truly truly amazing leh. At first glance, one would have thought they are digital effects. But they’re not, other than the basic editing. The sceneries are truly that amazing…

Jade dragon Snow Mountain at Lijiang. Wah lau…reminds me of the show Snow Mountain Flying Fox(雪山飞狐).

Even the lalang field there seemed extraordinary, serenely beautiful…

*wails* I also want white horse!!!! =(

Not 1 but 2! *faints*

I really dont know how to describe….

Old town feel…

It’s cold there, wont even need to worry makeup melt lor!

Machiam in a scene for acting pugilistic movies..


More pictures of the couple at


I LOVE such pictures and I always thought it wont be possible to shoot such pictures because they will cost a bomb.

Guess what? Will 气死你 lor(I dont mean I 气 them, I 气 myself!!). The package from only S$2800. The price varies depending on the locations the package covers. I’m not sure how much pictures it includes but heck, each additional picture only S$10. TEN BUCKS ONLY!!!! Give me 100 additional photos anytime!

I feel like killing myself now.

It’s like 8 to 10 times in Singapore and the pictures weren’t even half as nice.

This kinda pictures wont even need digital design actually…perhaps merge the pictures together.

I dont even feel like going to view my photoshoot pictures liao. Super anti-climax I tell you.

The ones from here are also nice. Taken from Shenzhen, also a good bargain.

I now have funny funny ideas in my head already.

And this song seems appropriate to soothe my broken heart now.

周杰倫 – 青花瓷 Nice lyrics…


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