Friday Night

*back track to friday* Haha Oh yes.

On last friday, I met up with G whom I haven seen for a long time. We had a fun chat over tea at Ochacha. Kinda missed the days where we sipped red wine. I realised I cant really drink beer or hard liquor nowadays. It’s not that I will get drunk with little, I always tried to control. The problem is, I wont get high with them and if I overshot, I will puke or give me butterflies in the stomach the next day.

After my meeting with G, I joined dearie and colleagues for clubbing at St James. Initially I wanted to go home because I was sneezing non-stop. But this husband of mine merely told me “then dont go home so late ok? I go St James awhile with them. =)”

Really asshole hor?

AND SO! Of course I tag along lah. Many people might be fooled with his innocent, guaiguai look, NOT ME! This heow man here gets flirty after alcohol and I’m there to MONITOR him. And anyway, I was being asked along. Since it’s a long time that most of the colleagues come together, and it’s a long time since I clubbed too, I joined them.

It’s literally on the way too since I met G at Raffles City and they’re just beside at Swiss hotel. There were around 50-60 of us..scary…and I dont know some of the colleagues because they are so new. Regardless of that, we had alot fun as alcohol loosens our inhibitions. Dancing, cheering, drinking.

Mel kept force me to 5-10 with him lah after losing 20+times to me in HK and he wanted revenge. When he approached me for the 5th time, I thought, nahzz, might as well got it over with.

And so he lost another 20+ times. Haha. But there was an improvement, because he won twice! Haha.

Most of them were pretty wild. Haha. They opened 3 big bombs(大炮) of Chivas, beer and martell bottles which waived the cover of the 50-60 of us. Totally crazy. I had moderate to drink. There were 2 cakes too, to advance celebrate Do’s birthday, which is today. Happy birthday.

Saw Cele, PS and LP there too at DF!! Didnt have much time to catch up with the latter 2 as they’re seated far away from me and in their own company. But real happy to see them especially LP. She looked as gorgeous as ever! In fact I think even better! All my colleagues were crowding around wanting an introduction. Lol. It’s the reason that scared her away so promptly I think. Humph!

We reached at 12midnight and I wanted to leave at around 2-3+am…however we stayed till 4+am because dearie drank. There were roadblocks right outside St James already. Thank god we reached home safely after dropping Dav at his home. The next morning, my stomach felt like there were a dozen butterflies dancing. I hate the feeling, it’s not as if I was high and drunk…I was so sober and what was with this hang-over feeling?? Arrghhhh.

I want my red wineeeeeeee.

Red wine kakkis please come outtttt. Wine bos!

(P/S Sorry that I didnt make it to the chalet. It’s just too far!)


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