Oh god I’m so busy. Finally have some time to blog about the recent happenings. First off, let me update something interesting. I got an email invitation to join a community call It’s a pretty new expanding global community for anyone with stuffs to exchange and trade for something they need. Something like barter trade, but also with dollar values because with every referral you get etc, you get e.g, YS$5.
YS$ is their currency and it’s in US$. So if you’re selling an item at S$10.00 and assuming exchange rate is S$1=US$1.50, it will reflect as YS$15 in the sales post.

Then hor, silly me got so excited about this website that I did not put much attention into their introduction. I thought finally there’s a platform with some significant traffic than my pathetic, miserable little sales blog and one which is not as crowded or commercialized as Ebay(duhz..everything needs money..add a BOLD line also need money), where you can sell your stuff. Hooray! And I happily went to upload all my gems.

True enough, orders started popping in within hours of posting and they were sold like hotcakes.

“Of course,” I told myself. Because my stuffs are GOOD mah! But when the 13th or 15th order came in within 3 HOURS, I felt things are getting too good to be true. I had a feeling that, “wah as if no need use money to buy like that….as if my items dont cost money at all.” Immediately I stunned myself and went to read all the terms and conditions.

Dammit. The stuff cant be sold for cash at all, only for/by YS$. In other words, when I sell my items, I get YS$ credited into my account and I can only use those YS$ to buy other stuff in the community. No cash is involved. Then what’s good if I have a million YS$ in my account? They’re not real cash. I can only use them to buy other stuffs in the community. And that doesnt suit my purpose at all as my main aim is about clearing away my stuffs and not exchanging them in kind. No space can be cleared this way if whenever I sell something, I will get back something else in kind!

It’s forbidden to trade for cash, neither can the YS$ be exchange for cash. My orders and queries were piling like crazy and this platform wasnt really well-established yet. The links and communication buttons are making me crazy. I promptly replied politely to all the buyers that I’m selling for cash only and apologised for their disappointment. I’ve also “refunded” their YS$ to them 1 by 1. I cant remove all my items at 1 go, nor put them on hold, unless 1 by 1 which is very tedious. There wasnt any profile page either where I can at least write something or give a warning to people not to “buy” all my stuff. Because it’s an immediate transaction. When people “buy”, their YS$ will be credited into my account immediately. Stupid site lah!

And I dont feel it’s suitable for pricey items. E.g, if I sold my OSIM Uzap at S$200(app. YS$126.58), then what, I have to force myself to buy S$200 worth of items from this site? What if I cant find anything I like? Then my money gone lah. So far I browsed the items, all cannot make it except mine. No wonder all came to buy my stuff la! Anyway I left my email behind…hopefully they are still willing to buy by cash. Haiz.

I’ve feedback to them, hoping they can allow cash as ONE of the transaction methods. Like Viwawa la…they also have gold(their currency) as well as cash mah. Be more versatile. =P They have an interesting concept but there’s still alot of room for improvement.

Think back also quite funny. The feeling was like I wandered into heaven when so many people wanna buy my stuff one moment and then the next moment, I was banished into hell when I suddenly realised my items are sold in YS$(machaim hell paper money which cant be used) and not real cash. The feeling is pretty terrifying really. =P


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  1. Ire says:

    try posting on flowerpod or ebay as they hv more traffic,
    that’s why i do to try to get rid of items which i buy on impluse lol

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